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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

Mossy Manse: Over a shot of him dumping a still-drugged Damon in the dungeon, Stefan narrates his diary entry for us. He did what he had to do (er...did Damon get rid of all the stakes in 1865, too). "Headline reads: 'Deadly Beast Captured. All's Well In Mystic Falls'." Stefan closes the dungeon door and he and Zach leave the cellar, together.

Mayoral Mansion: Mayor Lockwood enters a room where Mama Mulva, She's-the-Sheriff, and Scum are already gathered. When he thanks the Sheriff for staying so late, she asks if the Lockwoods got the Gilbert watch. Mama says, "She claims it's packed away in her parents' things." Scum says, "I can get it." She's-the-Sheriff says, "Good, we're going to need it. When the Mayor asks if she's sure, the Sheriff says, "Five bodies all drained of blood. I'm certain." Scum looks glum. "They've come back." Title Card!

I hope that this is a turning point in the Jeremy/Vicki/Tyler love triangle. I like all three actors, but I can only take so much pouting and snarling, and I think they can give us more, too. Also, I hope we NEVER AGAIN have an episode devoid of my Pudding Pop. Nitpicks aside, this episode hooked me. We got some earlier mythology confirmed and some new mythology, too. Elena had spunk for the second week in a row, and the heat and creepiness balanced each other, well. Now, let's talk about the grown-ups. So that's where they've been! It seems the Founders Council is actually the Founders Council of Watchers -- the F'n CoW, if you will. Scum's interest in Jenna may or may not be feigned, but even if it is legit, he's not morally opposed to using her to get what he wants; in fact he's counting on it. Mama Mulva is totally wasting her time worrying about Tyler's teeny-bopper romance, since she knows there's a fang gang in town. And Caroline's mother doesn't know how close those five drained bodies came to being six -- with her own lovely girl serving as the cherry (more or less) on top. Excellent! Let the games begin.

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