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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball
Damon got rid of all the locally grown plants, back in 1865. Hand wave. Hand wave. Zach, deciding he can trust Stefan, leads him to a room in the dungeon of Mossy Manse, to reveal his own stash of Vervain, growing under his grow lights. "It's just something that's been passed down through the generations. Blood only runs so deep when you're related to vampires. Damon would kill me if he knew that I had it."

Gilbert Gables: Tyler stops by to pick up the Heritage Project items from Elena, so of course Germ answers the door, so they can revisit this toothless triangle. Elena arrives just in time with the box o' trinkets. She tries to diffuse the trouble, but once she's gone, Tyler blocks Germ from closing the door. "Hey, would it make a difference if I told you I actually like Vicki?" He seems completely sincere, but Jeremy thinks otherwise. "Not even if you meant it." He shuts the door. Since Tyler started out as a would-be date-rapist who seemed interested only in Vicki's pants, not her heart, and was 'Roid Rage incarnate last week, it's hard to reconcile his sincerity, her, and his actions throughout the rest of the episode just confuse things later. I'm fine with the idea of this triangle, but the execution isn't working for me.

In the kitchen Bonnie compares perfumes for Elena's benefit. "Delicate Flower versus Naught Vixen." Elena says, "Tough call. Can we mix them?" Oh, you should, but it takes a delicate hand, Elena. A delicate hand. Bonnie acts enthusiastic about Elena's date, but Elena knows she's fronting. Bonnie spills that per Caroline, Katherine chose Damon over Stefan, which drove Stefan mad. He did "horrible things" to break up Katherine and Damon. "He manipulated Katherine. He filled her head with all these lies, until finally it worked, and she turned against Damon." Elena recognizes this as Damon's side of the story, but Bonnie, who has already abandoned Team Stefan, says, "I just wanted you to know." She calls Stefan a "calculating, manipulative liar," but when Elena protests, Bonnie points out that Elena doesn't actually know much about him at all.

Mossy Manse: Stefan's wearing a wife-beater, and Damon is shirtless. Bless. Um... I'm sure other things happen. I just can't remember what. Maybe if I put some Vervain in my coffee and rewind... Ahhhh. Stefan tries to talk Damon out of going to the big to-do, to no avail. When Damon notices Stefan indulging in a pre-party libation, he cracks that he's finally driven his brother to drink. Stefan says that since he can't get rid of Damon, he's just trying to live his own life. Damon points out how silly that sounds. "You're dead, dude. Get over it." He then holds up a shirt, which blocks our view of his nekkid torso, and asks, "What do you think?" All the Somerhalder fangirls yell, "Cast off the unclean thing!" but he can't hear us them. We cut to...

Gilbert Gables: Bonnie and Elena are primping for the party when the phone rings. It's Mama Mulva who can't find the pocket watch that should have been in the Gilbert's box o' trinkets. Elena charges to her brother's room and accuses him of auctioning it off on eBay for drug money. Silly Elena. The Germ deals; he doesn't have to pawn his stuff. Jeremy rises from his desk, gets the watch out of hiding and says that he would never sell it. He took it, because, "It's supposed to be mine. Dad said it goes to the firstborn son. His father gave it to him, and now what?" He slaps the watch in Elena's hand. She stares down at it, and softly adds, "And he was going to give it to you." The wind out of her sails, Elena walks to the door and explains that their mom promised Mrs. Lockwood it could be included in the Heritage Project. Germ tells her to take it and get out.

Mossy Manse: As Damon preens in the mirror, he natters about how he loves not aging. "I like being the eternal stud." Stefan raises his glass to him and deadpans: "Yes, being a 150 year old teenager has been the height of my happiness." Damon chuckles. "You cracked a funny, Stefan." He eyes Stefan as he downs his drink and decides he'll have a drink to celebrate, too. MYTHOLOGY MOMENT: These vampires can drink liquids other than blood. The picture of Katherine is lying out by the decanter, and Damon comments on it, saying that Stefan and she made the perfect couple. "It was hell watching you dance with her." Stefan reminds him that his happiness was short-lived. Damon remembers waiting inside for Katherine, while Stefan was content with a gentlemanly kiss on the cheek, "When what she really wanted was..." As Stefan turns to face him, Damon raises his glass and adds, "Oh, well. Here's to history repeating itself, huh?" Somerhalder makes his psycho-eyes, winks, lifts the tumbler to his lips, and then lets it fall to floor. "I admire your effort, Stefan -- pouring yourself a drink, then spiking the bottle with Vervain. I'm not some drunk sorority chick; you can't roofie me." The look on Stefan's face indicates he's just thought of a new plan. Damon doesn't notice though, he's too busy complaining about feeling used when he thought they were having "a moment." Now he has to go to the party angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

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