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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

Party; Nighttime: Some guests are still partying out on the lawn, but Elena and Stefan are taking a look at all the items in the Heritage Project. Having seen the whole episode, I suspect some of these may be of some future import, so here's what the camera focuses on: some guns; a jewelry box (belonging to the Gilbert family); a mantle clock; a silver tea service. Stefan joins Elena as she looks at the wedding rings also on loan from her family, and she makes some trite comment about there being a "lot of history" there. We cut to Aunt Jenna, who looks smashing, but is all alone and obviously uncomfortable. Right after she snags herself a glass of champagne, Scum calls out to her. He aims for banter but she prefers bickering and making a hasty retreat. When he tries to flatter her by saying she hasn't changed, she begs to differ. "I'm meaner, now." Oh honey, in another 10 years you won't recognize yourself. Back at the Heritage Project display, Elena reads the original guest registry from the first Founding Families Celebration, circa 1864. She's delighted at the familiar names, "Sheriff William Forbes. Mayor Benjamin Lockwood. Her delight turns to confusion when she reads, Damon and Stefan Salvatore's names on the list. And it's Damon who saves Stefan from any questions. "The original Salvatore Brothers. Our ancestors. Tragic story, actually." Stefan says not to bore Elena and Caroline with it, but while Elena is all ears, Caroline is not. She wants to dance, and says Damon can't, so she cajoles Stefan onto the floor. Okay, since she had already planted doubt about Stefan with Bonnie (and Elena), and has now snagged him away so Damon can have some alone time with Elena, I suspect she's fulfilled her life's purpose, as far as Damon is concerned.

Stefan apologizes to Elena for trying to kiss her when last they met. "My therapist says I'm acting out -- trying to punish Stefan." Elena wants to know why, so Damon lies that it's all in the past. "Let's just say that the men in the Salvatore family have been cursed with sibling rivalry, and it all started with the original Salvatore brothers." On the dance floor, Stefan asks Caroline if Damon told her to ask him to dance. She plays dumb, and Stefan suggests they have some champagne -- which they do -- even though her sheriff-mom is on the premises and on the job!

Damon exposits that the Salvatores were prominent in town until the Civil War. He's surprised that Elena knows about the Battle of Willow Creek, so he tells her that the history books leave out the fact that the people killed in the church didn't meet their end by accident. They were believed to be Union sympathizers, which is a funny way to spell vampires. "So some of the Founders, on the Confederacy side back then, wanted them rounded up and burned alive." He walks over to a model of the church as he says that Stefan and Damon had someone they loved very much in there. "And when they went to rescue them they were shot -- murdered in cold blood." Elena asks who they wanted to save. Damon looks her straight in the eye. "A woman...I guess. Doesn't it always come down to the love of a woman?" He tilts his head. Elena gets straight to the point. "Look, I'm sorry that you and Stefan have this thing between you, but I can't get in the middle of it, Damon. I just -- I hope you two can work it out." Damon says he hopes so too, and Elena smiles.

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