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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

Bonnie tries to take the blame for Elena's falling out with Stefan. "I'm a doubt-planter." Elena pooh-poohs this, since she feels terribly for getting in the middle of everything even though she said she wouldn't, and she's ashamed she acted so snotty. Mama Mulva interrupts to inquire as to the whereabouts of the pocket watch. Elena lies that it must still be packed up with her parents' stuff, somewhere. Mulva forces a smile and asks Elena to let her know as soon as she does find it.

Caroline climbs the stairs and finds Damon, who says he's been looking for her. He drags her into a room, and positions her in the doorway, in order to obscure himself from anyone who might walk by. He grabs a small wooden chest off a shelf, opens it and takes out what appears to be an amber pendant, but Damon merely tells Caroline that it's a crystal. When she chides him for stealing, he informs her it used to be his and he's taking it back.

Jenna's standing near the bar; she's so sullen, she could totally take Germ down in a mope-off. Scum returns for another Vodka Tonic, and approaches her acknowledging this is probably going to be his third strike. He's persistent, committed and groveling, which we know, because he tells us. Sigh. Jenna has no self-respect, so she admits she left town because of him. He spews some bullshit about being young and stupid, and then things "got real." He says she knows this better than anyone -- whatever that means. Now she'll slap him and walk away, right? Right? Wrong. She asks for his hypothetical take on how he'll make things right. He says he'll recap his last few years spent soul-searching. Thank goodness, because I don't want to. He also baits her with the promise of cheese fries. They giggle that he knows her so well. Hello, what happened here? Apparently Scum hit a walk-off homerun, because Jenna says, "Yes to lunch, call me," before she takes her leave. Scum stands there smiling.

Dining Room: Bonnie overhears Mama Mulva castigating a waiter for failing to light all the candles in the room. She follows him as he scurries off to the kitchen for matches, smiling at Bonnie on her way out. Bonnie stares after her. "Bitch." She then approaches the table, puts down her glass, and stares at the unlit candles. When nothing happens, gives up and turns to walk out. We see a candle light behind her back, but Bonnie misses it, but notices the now burning candle in a wall sconce. She turns back toward the table to find every single candle in the room aflame. Now that's a power I can get behind.

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