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Ooh, That's Gotta Sting!

Outer Tomb: As Gram and Bonnie perform the spell, Damon brings out a bag of blood. He tells Stefan, "It's for Katherine. I've got to have something to get her going -- unless your girl is offering up a vein to tap." Stefan exhales and stares at the fire. Damon leans in toward his brother with a grin. "Admit it. You can't wait to get rid of me." Stefan chuckles, then says, "I can't wait to get rid of you."

Party: Germ and Anna stand a bit off from the crowd and she asks if he's okay. He says he is, but that the place makes him think of someone. When Anna asks if it's a dead someone, Jeremy shakes his head. "Just someone I used to know." I can't wait 'til he remembers what happened to Vicki. They laugh over the fact that they didn't stay at the party too long. Jeremy's not too sure what his "scene" is any more and asks Anna if she wants to be a part of his non-scene. Anna said she'd love to, except she and her mom are moving away. They're both a little bummed, so Anna says, "I guess this is goodbye." Jeremy leans in until he's kissing her. Afterward, she pulls away slowly, and starts to vamp out. She looks almost as confused by it as Jeremy does. He says, "Anna -- your face!" She turns and says it's nothing. Jeremy says, "It didn't look like nothing." And then WHAM! Ben knocks him unconscious from behind. Anna looks up at her protege/boyfriend/lackey. "You didn't have to hit him that hard." Ben stares back at her. "Yes. I did." Anna looks back down at Jeremy, and tells Ben, "Grab him and let's go. I'm taking him to meet my mother." Heh.

Party: Tyler finds Matt and asks him where his date is. When Matt doesn't know, Ty asks him if the honeymoon is over already. Matt says it might be. Caroline seems like she might be a little clingy. Tyler can't hide his excitement, because he's a dog. When Caroline wanders over, Tyler excuses himself to get another beer. His departure and Pudding Pop's icy cold demeanor prompts Caroline to give another speech. "The hand thing, with Elena -- it was lame. Well, I was lame. And hey, your feelings for Elena aside, Damon was there, and he was always such a jerk to me. I wanted to show off that I was with a good guy, so anyway I was lame. So, forgiven?" Matt wises up and warms up, and says, "Yeah. Of course. Yeah." Caroline heaves a sigh of relief. I throw used popsicle sticks at Matt.

Outer Tomb: Bonnie and Grams incant in what Stefan guesses is Latin, but Elena says isn't. The torches flare at their words and then the tomb door opens. Damon turns to Stefan and notes he has some fires to build. Stefan runs up topside to get the gasoline and whatnot. While he's gone, Damon takes Elena as his willing hostage into the tomb proper -- so that the Witches Bennett don't seal him in the tomb with Katherine and the rest. Grams is ready to "bring the walls down" on Elena's behalf, but Elena wants to fulfill her promise to Damon. She nods at Bonnie as if to tell her it's all right, and follows Damon into the dark.

Above Ground: Stefan runs for the gasoline and is greeted by Ben. They start a pissing contest but are interrupted by Anna, who says, "Hey, hero. I'm going down there to get my mother." Stefan says he can't let her do that. Why the hell not, Stefan? For heaven's sake, Pearl didn't seem that bad -- certainly not as bad as Katherine -- the vampire you're helping to free. Anna points out that Jeremy is lying unconscious at Ben's feet and that Ben's ready to make him his main course. Stefan's head whips around as Anna points out that he can stop her, or Ben. "Your choice." By the time he looks away from Ben and Jeremy, Anna is gone.

Inner Tomb: Damn and Elena enter the main chamber. It's all very creepy. Elena asks Damon, "What's that?" Damon answers, "They can sense you." Shudder. He then sets about looking for Katherine.

Outer Tomb: Anna enters. Bonnie tells her she can't go into the inner tomb. Anna says, "Do you think you can stop me?" Grams calls Bonnie off. Anna picks a mini-flashlight up off the floor near Grams' feet and enters through the now open door. Bonnie asks Grams why she let her go in. Grams answers that none of them are coming out.

Above Ground: Stefan tells Ben that he's disposable where Anna's concerned. Ben says he doesn't care, because he got eternal life out of the bargain, and then Stefan teaches him the difference between immortality and eternity with the business-end of his homemade flame-thrower. Ben burns to a crisp. YAY!

Inner Tomb: Elena can't find Damon, but her eyes are adjusting to the lack of light and she tries not to freak as she sees all the desiccated vampires lying about the place. She stumbles and ends up next to one who opens his blood red eyes. She jumps right back to her feet and trains her flashlight on Anna. Commercial.

Outer Tomb: Stefan arrives and learns Elena has gone into the inner tomb with Damon. He starts to rush in, but Grams stops him and explains that when she did her spell, she only opened the door. She didn't remove the seal. "Some seals keep vampires from entering. This one keeps them from coming out." Stefan realizes: "Elena's human. She can leave. Anna and Katherine can't." A beat. "Damon can't." His face fills with regret as he looks at Sheila. "You were never planning on breaking the spell, were you?" Grams says, "I told you, I will protect my own. Elena can get out. That's all that matters."

Inner Tomb: Anna taunts Elena that she must have a taste for it, because despite her screaming and escaping, she comes right back to it. She's not wrong. Before she can continue, Anna stumbles over her mother. She kneels before her and looks back up at Elena. "Your boyfriend did this, you know." Elena corrects her: "His father did." Anna adds, "And Jonathan Gilbert. I made a choice a long time ago that it would be Gilbert blood that brought her back to life. I had Jeremy all ready to go, but..." She swoops at Elena, grabs her wrist and opens it with her teeth. Elena screams. We laugh, because Elena doesn't have Gilbert blood.

Outer tomb area, Stefan hears Elena and rushes in -- seal be damned. Bonnie tries to stop him, but Grams' blocks her way. Bonnie says, "You can't just leave him in there, Grams." Sheila says, "He made his choice." Bonnie refuses to accept that. She picks up the grimoire and asks her grandmother what to do. Grams says that even if they were strong enough to bring down the seal, there's no guarantee they could raise it again. This will be important, later. Bonnie reminds Grams what she said about how many things can fuel a witch's power. "Help me, or I'll do it alone." Grams looks down at her own who she will protect at all costs and we cut to...

Inner Tomb: Anna has Elena down on the dusty floor of the tomb and struggles with her until she gets Elena's wrist to her mother's mouth. The mummified creature suckles as Anna coos at her in encouragement. Stefan arrives just then and pulls Elena away as he yells, "Let her go." He tells Elena to get out and says he'll be right behind her. He stares down Anna, but she turns from him when she sees her mother moving and coming slowly back to life. Anna rushes to her side and grabs her face. Pearl says, "Annabelle." Stefan watches in amazement as they embrace.

Outer Tomb: Elena reaches Bonnie and Grams. Bonnie tells Elena the seal deal when Stefan shows up at the door and cannot cross the threshold. Elena turns back to Stefan. "You went in there not knowing if you could come back out?" Stefan looks down and then back up at her. Elena is breathless. "Oh. My God." Stefan says, "I heard you scream." Elena looks down as she takes this in, and then back up at Stefan. "We can't...leave him in there. We promised him -- both of us." Stefan knows. Grams says that even if they can break through the seal, they won't be able to hold it open for long. Now wait a doggone minute. You were just saying if you got it down, you mightn't get it back up. Which is it, Grams? Stefan doesn't care. He's off to save the brother-he'd-rather-be-rid-of-except-not.

Inner Tomb: Damon throws a

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