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Take Me To The River

Tara takes her aside -- the softest, strongest, greatest version of Tara -- and holds her hand while she flips out. It's been so long since Tara got to do this -- be the BFF to a person absolutely going down in flames -- that you forget how hard she looks at their faces. How she hurts for them.

Jessica: "Do you believe in the devil?"
Tara: "No, but my mom sure did. She'd see the Devil in everything, the TV and the rock and roll and in your heart..."
Jessica: "It never once occurred to me how close our upbringings were. That is a mess. But also, what if Godric was right the whole time? How do we even know we're worthy of survival?"
Tara: "Well, that's a dead end."
Jessica: "This hunger in me. It's never going away."
Tara: "No, honey. We both know that."


Pam: "The longer vampires nest together the stronger the bond becomes... But it's not a real bond. Split up a nest one night, they'll be staking each other the next."
Doc: "So we don't have to worry about playing musical chairs with the barracks all the time, to keep them from forming relationships?"
Pam: "I don't give a fuck what you worry about. But yeah, those worries would be unfounded."

She constructs the most elaborate web around him, using nothing but her Pamness. She reclines, revels in being a quisling, telling tales out of school, leaving nothing out. She lounges. And every time she looks at his face, he's more into it. Transference and counter-transference, he's thinking. This one's almost real. He loves her humor, her bratty insouciance, her hearty acceptance of her own selfishness. It's bracing.

Doc: "So then under ordinary circumstances, you feel no remorse when you kill another vampire? Are you speaking for yourself or for all vampires?"
Pam: "I like to think of myself as especially unremorseful. But I doubt any of us gives a fuck."
Doc: "Except for your Maker. Tell me about your Maker, Pam. What was his or her name?"
Pam: "He's not my Maker anymore, he Released me, so it doesn't matter."
Doc: "How does that work?"
Pam: "You say the words and it's done."
Doc: "Just like that? Did you have any idea it was coming? What did it feel like?"

The performance -- which is genius throughout the scene, just building layers on layers -- finally shifts into turbo: She sits up on the couch, grinning joyfully right into his eyes. Absolutely this scene, this episode, is the best acting she's ever turned in. She's like that goddess from Fangtasia! we first met, that told sweet little Jason to go the fuck home.

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