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As they move Eric into the cells -- black hood over his head, aww -- Jessica comes beating down Jason's door. Still clearly very high, note. At one point she jumps onto his couch and starts jumping around on the couch and it's amazing.

Jessica: "Invite me in?"
Jason: "Obviously."

Jessica: "Okay so I know you hate me but I have nowhere else to go and I need to talk it out because I have done an unspeakable thing and I think God should have struck me down unless Bill is God in which case I don't know I don't know but I keep seeing their faces and the whole time I was just getting so fucking turned on like when we had each other's blood and we could fuck and like if you are killing and getting off at the same time that is the definition of sin!"
Jason: "Today is the weirdest."
Jessica: "Did you ever love me? And if so, why? Be specific."
Jason: "I can't think straight and we're both high. I loved your kind heart..."
Jessica: "Not listening freaking out because what if Bill is not God but the Devil and then does that mean I have been serving the Devil and you have got to stay on the other side of the room because I will rape you or kill you or kill you while raping you and I think I need to go to jail or something somewhere I can't be tempted because you are tempting me right now!"
Jason: "Look at my sweet face. See me believe in you. Calm down."

Oh, and then you hear her before you see her, and it's amazing also. Jess still has her hands up at ten and two the whole time she's talking, just lookin' crazy as hell.

Sarah: "Well, well, well. You didn't mention to me that you had a vampire girlfriend before."
Jason: "I mean, she's not my... Kind of. Jessica, are we..."
Jessica: "Holy shit, did you just sleep with this lady? Holy shit, I know you! You're that awful lady from TV! Steve Newlin's ex-wife!"
Sarah: "I am not anybody's ex-wife! I am my OWN PERSON! I am LEANING IN!"
Jessica: "Whatever. You suck, lady."

Sarah: "You fornicate? With vampires? Jason, gross me out."
Jessica: "Watch it. I have had a bad fucking night and I do not need to be tested!"
Sarah: "[Tests her.]"

Jessica slams Sarah down on the kitchen counter and starts getting real sexy/killy with her because she is out of her dang mind, and then suddenly Sarah's craziness is so powerful that it warps reality and she starts screaming Bible verses into Jessica's face and it actually works for a second, but then Jessica gets the upper hand again, and then the weirdest part of all: Sarah rescinds her invite -- even though it's Jason's house? -- and Jess goes zooming out into the arms of the LAVTF, who just happen to be right outside. So many things!

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