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I hated the smoke monster so much I didn't even think about how obviously there would be consequences for that last part. I remember thinking at the time, he won't do it, he won't do it, and being shocked that he actually did it -- that he, or the show, didn't find a better way at the last second -- but now it's all horribly clear what and how and why.

Justin: "So she knows you killed Patrick Devins in this restaurant?"
Terry: "She'd prefer to ignore it, but that's not a possibility."
Justin: "Okay. I'll do it, but I won't take your money."
Terry: "Give me a couple days to get my affairs in order, and don't let me know it's coming."
Justin: "Okay, because I love you and I can see in your eyes what is happening there."


Holly kneels by Andy, to comfort him while he watches his daughter sleep.

Holly: "But Jessica's the nicest one!"
Andy: "Yeah, but she killed my kids, Holly."
Holly: "I know. There aren't any words."
Andy: "She said Bill was taking their blood, for experiments. So I will kill him now."
Holly: "No, he will kill you. That's how this ends. And that's dumb. And then that poor little faerie girl there will have zero people -- whereas yesterday when she was a baby, she had five."

Andy agrees, and then falls down to cry when Holly calls off the search party: "As far as anyone's gonna know, those girls went back to their mama. And we're gonna get you through this." I can't see how this will turn out horrible, but the Bellefleurs are so screwed this week there's still some kind of doom, even over Holly's sweetness.


Is not feeling it, this morning. Hung over, bad-idea sex. Hating the shifter life because it is running around and almost dying all the time. And having to hang out with sucky Sam Merlotte. Turns out being a minority is not great.


Runs to Tara, weeping. They've both played the racquetball game, and won. I'm glad we didn't have to see that.

Jessica: "Where even are we?"
Tara: "Hell."
Jessica: "I knew it. Steve Newlin's ex [Ha! Lean into that, bitch!] said I was a demon whore and I..."
Tara: "That was a metaphor. What is going on with you?"
Jessica: "I ate four faeries and I am totes high. Fucked up, but also fuuuucked uuuup."

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