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"Maybe We Won"

At D'Angelo's apartment, Shardene has frumpily pinned her hair back and is stalking around, flustered, as she prepares to move out. She apparently hasn't give him any idea why, because he volunteers that he "ain't fucked nobody else," in case that's what she was thinking. She makes no reply, so D'Angelo tries to get hard about it, yelling that if she wants to go, she can go: "But you could give me a goddamn reason." Shardene pulls her suitcase (and supplementary suitcase: black garbage bag) into the living room before finally asking, "What do I look like to you?" He asks what she means. She repeats the question, and D'Angelo, uncomprehending, says, "You look like a girl -- a woman. A beautiful woman! You're fine! What?" Shardene, her eyes well swollen from crying all afternoon, spits, "I don't look like trash to you?" D'Angelo gently takes her by the arms as he assures her, "This ain't about what you do." She removes his hands and cries, "I don't look like something you could roll up in a rug and throw in the trash?" She squints at him, and he looks down, having no response to such a pointed question. Shardene stalks out, and D'Angelo has the grace to make only a half-assed effort to follow her.

Herc comes into Daniels's office, expositing that he paged Herc and Carver when they were almost home. "Sit," orders Daniels, glaring. Carver and Herc comply, and Daniels turns on a tape recorder, playing back audio of the conversation in which the money they took from Wee-Bey was quoted at $22,000. The recording ends, and Daniels comes around his desk to hand Carver and Herc snapshots of the stacks of money -- one with a number attached to each bundle, one with the bundles as they looked before they were counted. The guys study the photos, not getting it. Daniels hisses, "I got Towers 2, 3, 5, and 6, and another one labeled 'P' for the Pit. Where's 1 and 4? It's on the wire that we took them for twenty-two [thousand dollars]. You shitheads turned in fifteen [thousand dollars]; where's the rest?" Herc starts to protest their innocence, but Daniels isn't interested: "You have 'til roll call tomorrow to crawl back to whatever rock you hid it under. It comes back, and it goes to ECU. This doesn't happen. Not with me. Not with my unit." With one final jaw clench, Daniels turns to grab his jacket and stomps out, slamming the door behind him. Once he's gone, Carver puts his head on his hand and turns to Herc, with a look so theatrically expectant, it's like the late Charles Nelson Reilly is working through him. Herc calmly says, "I wouldn't steal and not tell you about it."

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