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"Maybe We Won"

In the Pit, Bodie gets up off his kitchen chair and stretches painfully as D'Angelo comes over. Bodie asks what's up with Wallace. "Nothing," says D'Angelo. "Nothing?" asks Bodie, dubious. The two of them, and Poot, look over toward Wallace, moping on the couch, as D'Angelo repeats that nothing's up with Wallace: "Leave him be." Wallace sees them giving him the hairy eyeball and books it out of there. D'Angelo gets a page and curses that he's sick of "not having a phone up in this joint." Which, good point. Your job is probably annoying sometimes, but I'm guessing the irritants don't extend as far as your supervisor making you walk six blocks just to make a call. D'Angelo says he'll be right back. "Have a nice hike," says Bodie, sitting his ass back down.

D'Angelo heads over to a phone by a school as Herc, in a car with Carver, shoots pictures. D'Angelo dials, and Carver picks up, putting on a medium-offensive pan-Asian accent to pose as a counterman at a restaurant, confirming an order D'Angelo supposedly placed. He keeps a confused D'Angelo on the line for a surprisingly long times as Herc takes several more shots. Once D'Angelo's hung up, Herc says that what Carver calls his "Korean counterman" sounded Chinese. "Like you can fucking tell the difference," spits Carver, as touchy about his accent as the star of your high-school musical.

Detail office. Sydnor's reading the paper at the table in the open area when Lester comes in and starts piling up files and books, telling Prez and Sydnor, "It's a brave new world for you boys." He leaves, presumably to bring back more homework. And just when they were hoping to have their afternoon classes outside today!

McNulty's on the roof with binoculars; Kima sits nearby, on the radio with Carver, who reports that they're parked by a pay phone the Pit guys have been using a lot today (and, indeed, as Carver talks, Herc is photographing Poot). Kima tells them to stay where they are: "Might have a nice jack-up for you two."

Back in the Pit, it's a...well, what do you call a group of junkies? I know: a twitch of junkies, including Bubbs and Johnny, are loitering around, and we soon see why, as a guy (Sterling, presumably) crutches up, calling out that testers are coming. Bubbs asks after the new package and is told that it's "yellow tops," which apparently are "the bomb." Sterling crutches on, and Johnny points to "a guy who wants to get high more than he wants to get clean": it's Waylon, sharing a friendly greeting with a wicked skinny junkie waiting for testers. Bubbs is dismayed to see Waylon there, commenting that he was doing well, but Johnny's not surprised to see Waylon there: "Them meetings were just fronts." Then Bodie appears, hyping the testers some more, and Johnny starts getting all squirrelly: "That's the boy who beat me down, man." He turns and walks quickly, wanting the testers but not wanting to show Bodie his face. As Bodie continues talking up the testers, exhorting the junkies to tell all their "fiend-ass friends," he gets mobbed by junkies; Waylon stands apart, his arms crossed, and watches. Bodie starts to get antsy as the crowd closes in, finally reaching into the chip bag the testers are in and throwing a handful away, so that some of the addicts (including Bubbs, Johnny, and the kid Waylon was talking to) peel off and scramble away. Waylon, disgusted, heads off, and Bubbs hurries after him, asking whether Waylon got any: "I got three if you need." Waylon remembers Bubbs from the meeting, and Bubbs confirms, "Mr. One-Day Man. It wasn't even that." "Stood up, though," says Waylon quietly. Bubbs asks why Waylon's there, if not to get a tester. "Trying to get my little nephew off the corner," says Waylon, looking back at the kid who's still scuffling for testers in the dirt. "He ain't anywhere near his bottom. Got to see that bottom coming up at him. Hard, too, 'cause he's young -- twenty-four. Most people don't get tired 'til they're thirty-five, forty." Bubbs twitches a little in recognition at this, and when Waylon asks how old he is, Bubbs shrugs, "Young at heart." Waylon chuckles and introduces himself, and the two clasp hands. Looks like Bubbs is out of luck if he needs any more keychains, though.

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