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"Maybe We Won"

Wee-Bey, his leg still braced, painfully gets out of a truck and canes toward the Pit as Kima watches from the adjacent roof. "Give them a long rope," says McNulty into the radio. "The farther away from the Projects you pop him, the less risk to the wire." In the car, Herc replies, "Hell with the wire." "Excuse me?" says McNulty, warningly. "Gotcha, McNulty," says Herc. "You're too easy." Kima has no response to this, and watches as something incriminating passes from one guy's hand to another's, and then Wee-Bey gets back in his car, putting the cane on the floor next to the driver's seat like every nice little old lady does when she's on her way to Bingo.

Detail office. Lester turns the bulletin board around to the empty side to school Prez and Sydnor: "First thing is we need the names of all front companies -- limited partnerships, LLCs, and all that mess...Start with the nightclub [that] Barksdale owns. Look up Orlando's, by address, you match it, and you see it's owned by who?" Sydnor confirms the address and flips through a book as Lester writes "DRUGS" on one index card, and "Money" on another. Sydnor's found the owner: "D&B Enterprises." Lester continues the lesson, telling Sydnor that he gives that information to Prez, who then will "walk on over to the state office buildings on Preston Street." He pins the "DRUGS" card to the board as he tells Prez he'll be visiting the Corporate Charter Office. He pins up the "Money" card...

...and then we're in a montage. Lester: "They have the paperwork on every corporation and LLC licensed to do business in the state." At the state office, Prez flips thoughtfully through a folder. "You look up D&B Enterprises on the computer. You're going to get a little reel of microfilm." Prez reads the microfilm in a darkened room. "Pull the corporate charter papers that way. Write down every name you see: corporate officers, shareholders, or more importantly, the resident agent on the filing, who is usually a lawyer." The signatures all belong to women -- one of whom, I think, is the owner of the car Stringer uses -- and the law firm involved is "Levy and Weinstein." "While they use front names, you know, as corporate officers, they'll usually use the same lawyer to do the charter filing." Prez should look up that lawyer, see which other charter filings he's done: "And that way, we find other front companies."

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