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"Maybe We Won"

In the Pit, the call goes out that Omar is coming. The man himself stalks into the Pit, shotgun in hand, as the assembled rabble take off running. Once everyone's abandoned the immediate area, Omar heads up to a door (looks like 525), then turns back around calling, "Aaaaay-yo. Y'all need to open this door, man, 'fore I huff and puff. Come on, now -- by the hairs of your chinny-chin-chin." A voice comes from within, warning him that the occupants have a Mac-10. "I thinks not, Terrell," says Omar. "I thinks not. Y'all might need to think this through and stop wasting my time. Because Omar can come back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And I will put a bullet in all y'all behind, what happen right now, you heard?" Still no one emerges, but after a moment, a garbage bag falls from an upstairs window. Omar turns around, collects the bag (full of yellow top vials), and goes on his way: "Fair enough." Why doesn't that ever happen to me when I go shopping?

From a hidden position, we watch as Shardene gets out of a cab and hurries on her way. I know they've decided she's a citizen, but if they're going to keep her one, they need to do an intervention quickly to stop her wearing jeans slit up to the knee when she's not on the pole. "How do you want to play it?" asks Kima, watching from a car with Lester. "Hard and tight, like she's got no choice," Lester replies.

Almost instantly, Kima and Lester are coming up on Shardene from behind (though not the way D'Angelo comes up on her from behind). Kima calls her name, and when Shardene turns around, Lester sternly says that they need to talk. Shardene asks what about, and Kima says, "It's a downtown kind of talk." Lester directs her to their car. Shardene starts to look back toward wherever she was going, but doesn't protest that we can see.

Take-out joint. Poot comes out with a bag, and happens to glance down the block in time to see Wallace buying drugs from a kid on the corner. Poot watches as Wallace walks off, and once he's gone, Poot asks the guy what he's selling. "Family affair, two-for-one -- you up?" the guy replies. Two for one's always a good deal, if you ask me. Poot passes, and continues looking down the street at Wallace's back.

Roof. Herc tosses pebbles into a bucket of roofing tar, wondering how the little rocks get onto the roof in the first place. Carver asks where everyone is. "Maybe the whole thing is over and no one bothered to tell us," offers Herc. "Maybe we won." Carver shakes his head as we get a shot of what he's looking at: empty courtyard, empty sidewalks. "Something ain't right," he says. "Come on, let's take a ride." Herc is still busy with his tiny pebbles, which, let's face it, is probably more his speed anyway.

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