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A Rosie By Any Other Name
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The mystery was solved! Rosie Larsen was murdered by youthful thuggaroo Alexi Michaelski-Giffords -- whose own birth father was murdered by Stan Larsen years ago -- and we can all go home.

Just kidding, don't be silly.


A creeping creepster creeps through the hallways of City Councilman Darren Richmond, well after visiting hours are over. Methinks he does not have good choices in mind -- or else it's Jamie, returning after leaving minutes ago, to say he was just bein' crazy and of course he will remain Richmond's devoted valet. But what's this? That worn black Target hoodie isn't something Jamie would ever wear! He knows better than any of us that he's a summer.

So who could it be? Why, I bet it's wonderful old Belko Royce, who shot Darren in the middle of his adorable yet sad killing spree, and this is just a dream-mirage of post-trauma. Perhaps Darren's first, considering he's been in some kind of a drugged-out haze for most of the season and his brain probably hasn't Maszlowed itself all the way to freaking out about getting shot yet. Darren's dreams, they are not happy usually, because his life has been -- like all characters on this show -- a nonstop experiment in the macabre pageantry of misery and paralysis and grief.

But this one is particular is stressful, as Belko enters his hospital room with an insane rictus grin on his usually beautiful face, and then shoots him approximately 137 times in the abdomen. Be careful, Darren! If you die in your dream, you will totally wake up dead in your real life. I learned that in Science.


Linden & Holder: "So the idea is that Ogi Jun was going to stalk and murder Stan himself, as in the comic book, from three houses down -- but then he met Rosie and thought, why not kill what's most precious to him instead? Leave Stan twisting on the rotisserie of Mitch's resentment until everybody is about to commit suicide, and then drop off the bloody backpack! Aftershock!"

Policeman: "Linden, I brought you guys some coffee..."
Linden: "Coworker, avert your eyes from our doings and relinquish the caffeine delivery system. We are investigating in secret."
Policeman: "I'm totally cool with you acting like that."
Linden: Slam!
Holder: "Maybe people will think that we are in love and fucking in here with all these pictures of a little dead girl, and that's why you flaked on your boyfriend for thirteen episodes in a row. Not because you are mentally ill, but because of my junkie lovin'."

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The Killing




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