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A Rosie By Any Other Name

Stan: "But that's over a thousand episodes of this show! Now my nihilism knows no limits!"


Alexi: "Yes, I was going to give Stan Larsen the full Ogi Jun. Stalked him, got right up against his life. But then just like you thought, I became friends with his daughter..."
Linden: "Yes, Suspect. You had feelings and emotions. But who was the him. What did she fear."
Alexi: "It was a luxury model towncar in the next drop-off lane, when we were at the ferry. It had tinted windows, so I couldn't see inside."
Linden: "Cars are not to be feared, not people. It must have been an unknown person inside, that she feared."
Holder: "Great, so all we get is that it was a rich guy that took the ferry one time. Awesome."
Linden: "Do not despair, Suspect. You have performed at acceptable levels."


Stan goes back to Terry's chillwave cave and comes inside, holds out one hand, and raises her to standing. He kisses her, then, and just before things get real bad her phone starts ringing from a private number and they pull themselves together, alone again, for a sad, chaste hug. It is one of the more complex, relatable, terribly sad things that has ever happened on this show. Well done.

When he's gone she bursts into tears because life is unmanageable, and then the private number calls back. Who could it be? A friend? A lover from the past? Good news of any kind? Yeah, I bet you one hundred dollars it's somebody calling to tell Terry everything is going to be okay.

Alexi: "Rosie Larsen was a girl with secrets. You may be aware of that. But one thing you don't know is that the big change she went through had to do with her dad. She found out..."
Sarah: "-- That he killed your dad."
Alexi: "No, something else. Something very mysterious."
Sarah: "What was it. Use your words."

Mitch watches Tina get into a black car; Terry grins in her eight-inch heels at the person driving a black towncar, and gets inside. Hmm. Not that it's the same car, but it's interesting that we're focusing now on one of the guys on this show that would be in one or all of these black cars: Ames, Drexler, the Mayor. That's it, right? We're back to rich white guys? It should always be a rich white guy. In real life it usually is.

Sarah: "What was it that Rosie found out about Stan Larsen. What was it. What was the thing that changed their relationship. What is the twist."

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The Killing




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