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Alexi: "Yeah, he wasn't actually her father."


Although now... That's actually a pretty great twist. A lot of Mitch's grief w/r/t Stan -- the secret house, leaving him out of everything, Stan's own weird preoccupation with everything but his dead daughter -- makes a whole new kind of sense now. Was this on the table before and I just don't remember it, or what? Either way I love it. Of all the dads and daughters and mothers and sons, this is the most ironic possible thing. Or at least, I think, the trail of dead in Stan and Belko's wake would agree.


Gil cockblocks Sarah's warrants some more; Alexi yells at Stan for probably a variety of healthy reasons; somebody was getting blackmailed; everybody's back in the hopper, and the Ames family returns to be gross and scary some more. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really wish this TV drama would get back to the waterfront land deal. I don't think anybody's ever said that in history, but it ties together so many very interesting people in such a strange way that I've always thought -- when push comes to shove -- that'll actually be the seemingly boring glue that actually brings it all together. Plus, Tom Drexler has been much missed. At least by me.

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