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A Rosie By Any Other Name

Alexi: "I feel weird..."
Linden: "Stan Larsen took away the only person who could have saved you or protected you. He deserved what he got. And I bet you were real jealous of Rosie Larsen and her perfect life..."
Alexi: "-- Her perfect what?"
Linden: "You know, her loving parents, all the things we didn't have..."
Alexi: "She hated those assholes. Have you like met them? Anyway, you had me and you lost me, sorry. You've got two hours and I'm gone."

God, he was barely a suspect for ten minutes before they started treating him like another lead instead. But also, as shitty as the kids are on this show, it's not going to be a kid, because part of this show is about drawing a Saturnian line from bad parenting to exploitation to full conspiracy: That the worst and most helpless feeling in the world is not having a choice, because there are people or forces that are bigger than you. Whether it's sexism or bad family dynamics or the Mayor and Ben Abani or the worst conspiracy of all, the fact that death is irreversible and you can't argue with it or plead with it or change the details of it. That grief is about being angry at that sick inarguable quality of the universe; that it feels like being back in foster care, trapped without a single choice.

Linden: "Coworker, give me a cigarette. Gum is not going to cut it this time. I am starting to feel that perhaps Rosie was not a normal, happy teen."
Holder: "Something happened, like six months ago. Maybe Alexi told her about her dad and Janek?"
Linden: "Then why would she hate Mitch too."
Holder: "Have you like met Mitch Larsen?"
Linden: "Good point, Coworker. Let's see what Alexi's phone can tell us. Maybe it will have another clue-crammed video on it that ultimately is zero help."
Holder: "Without a warrant? Wasn't Carlson up your ass like less than one second ago about this?"
Linden: "'Without a warrant,' how droll you are. Come on, Coworker."
Holder: "I know, I just thought it would be funny to say that."

Stan: "Hey, I know it's weird for me to just show up, but I was kind of in the Mob and maybe killed some people that..."
Linden: "Mr. Larsen, please do not look in that window of that interrog... Dammit."
Stan: "Um, that's the son of the man I murdered, yeah?"
Linden: "Yeah. We are on top of it. Avert your eyes, return to your home, and be more mindful of your cholesterol."

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The Killing




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