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A Rosie By Any Other Name

Stan: "I feel weird."
Linden: "That is why I am being so nice."


Darren: "Fresh air, thanks! Maybe this will help my hair situation."
Pretty Lady: "Do you mind if I smoke? I'm just here visiting my brother. He has cancer from smoking."
Darren: "I have a sister but... We're white people, so you know how that is."
Pretty Lady: "...Listen, I'm just going to put out this cigarette and get the hell out of here okay?"
Darren: "...I peed, didn't I?"
Pretty Lady: "Sorry to say yes. I'm going to get your an orderly or something."
Darren: "This is starting to be a regular thing."

It never gets old. By which I mean, I don't love seeing Darren go through this, but I'm also not getting used to it. It is at least as horrible as it was two days ago when the same thing happened. Well, actually, now there's not even Jamie so I guess technically it's worse.


The cop who hacked Alexi's phone without a warrant works from inside a William Gibson novel, and he has located a voicemail from Rosie that day she died, at like 1:14 AM. There's an ambient sound like a generator, and a sliding-door kind of sound, and then there's her, begging Alexi to come get her: She's not supposed to be wherever she is, she "saw him again," and she was waiting for Alexi to rescue her. Guess he didn't.

Linden: "Suspect, we know she trusted you and that you didn't kill her. Her fingerprints were at your house. But you must answer questions. Who did she 'see again.' Where was she? What was the situation?"
Holder: "Here's what we know and what we think: Regardless of your fathers' history, you used to drive her on Fridays to the ferry so she could go to the Casino every week, because you didn't want her on the docks alone. And then this one time, you left her there..."
Alexi, crying: "No, I called her back, and then when she didn't pick up I went to the docks and waiting all night, but nothing. Also, I did not leave her bloody backpack around."
Linden: "Suspect, who was the him she feared. What was his apparent age and relative height. What was his hair color. What distinguishing marks or tattoos did he have. Answer me."

Alexi: "There was this one guy she hid from one time in my car, but she wasn't scared, she was laughing..."
Linden: "Be there for her now, the way you could not then. Help us solve the mystery of her Killing."

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The Killing




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