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A Rosie By Any Other Name

Alexi: "Okay, I'll talk! The mysterious man she was afraid of, the man she glimpsed sometimes at odd hours but only soon before her murder realized was a threat, the man for whom you've been looking for weeks, the man that can lead you to your next break in the Rosie Larsen case is..."
Carlson: "Time's up!"

Linden and Holder follow Alexi's lawyer's car straight to... Babka's restaurant, where Holder just knows Janek is going to end up reprogramming him to be Ogi Jun again.

Linden: "He called me 'Good Cop.' Can you imagine."
Holder: "Yeah, the whole good cop/bad cop thing doesn't really apply to us, does it?"
Linden: "As long as the people involved in this case continue to have personal problems that are identical to mine, we still have a chance."
Holder: "Then I guess we just wait and hope that even more people involved were in foster homes, let some random unrelated murder go unsolved, or are horrible mothers."
Linden: "Our version of optimism is not like other people's."
Holder: "I'm starting to think the awful weather of Seattle is less a private pathetic fallacy for you, and more of a factual representation of what it's like to live here."


Terry: "As usual, folks, it's been a delight."
Mr. Marek: "Terry, before we go, I just wanted to say that you living here with Stan is giving everybody the creeps."
Terry: "I have valid reasons for doing what I'm doing."
Mr. Marek: "Yeah, but you should have an actual boyfriend and not just your sister's screwed-up husband. You're letting your life slip away because of this Killing."
Terry: "I still have a couple of married boyfriends I'm counting on."
Mr. Marek: "I'm beginning to think Ames is never going to leave his wife for you."
Terry: "Yeah, well. Romantic self-sabotage is an even more complex proposition when you are already a hooker."


Ghost Girl Tina sings "Gloria" into a spoon at a surprisingly high and lovely volume, cracking up Mitch and reminding you that, even if you barely ever get to see it, there are few sights as satisfying as Michelle Forbes's beautiful smile.

Tina: "So you left your daughter as well as your husband? What is wrong with you?"
Mitch: "I didn't leave her, she left me."
Tina: "And you want my help finding her? I ain't no stoolie."

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The Killing




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