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Ryders On The Storm

Snotty Coke Commercial with best friends ripping each other's hair out because there's no Coke.

I had no idea that incessant "You don't have to prove your love -- Zip it" commercial was about abstinence. Seriously. I asked what product they were selling so I wouldn't buy it because the commercial is killing me. "It's about abstinence," my boyfriend said. "Well, I'm not buying that, either." I thought it was for Zip drives. Really. Or MP3 players.

First shot of the episode with stunt drivers and winding roads. "I just stole a Corvette. I just stole a Corvette. I just stole a Corvette!" "Just breathe, woman!" Will says, even though he had two "Just"s in the beginning of the episode. Scout pulls out the Senator-speak to say that they didn't steal the car, they're just borrowing it to recover the items that were stolen from them. Scout says they should go into the trunk, get their things, and ditch the car before they get arrested for "Grand Theft Auto." Will tells Bella to pull the truck release. She says it's not working. Somehow when she "cut the alarm" (even though we never saw her do that) she severed the trunk release thingy as well. Scout's all, "You broke into the car, you hotwired it, and now you can't open the trunk." Bella apologizes that her criminal skills aren't more "well-rounded." This is done with much eye-rolling which you, thankfully, cannot see. Will asks if she can fix it. Bella exhales and says she can, but only at the garage.

Ryder slowly walks up to the empty space in the parking lot. He pulls off his walkman and checks his watch. It's quarter after noon. "Dammit, Joe! Not mah cah." He's got gum this time to soothe his oral fixation. He spits his gum out and walks inside. Ryder has that same walk that Terri has, where your arms have to be swerving behind your back like a monkey.

Chez Rules. Terri says that she's starving. Verve says he is as well, but he's all pouty. Terri apologizes for laughing at him earlier. She says she knows he was trying to be "sweet." She says that it's all very strange, "this whole date thing." Verve says that this date thing is what they should be doing, and it was her idea in the first place. She says they don't know how to act. He tells her to "follow [his] lead." Terri looks down and smiles. Verve tells the waiter that they'd like to order. "The lay-dee will have the salmon." Close up on Terri as she looks to the ceiling and ponders whether or not she's allowed to hit him at a fancy restaurant. "The lay-dee?" she asks. Deadpan Verve delivers, "Yeah. That'd be you." He goes back to the menu. "The lay-dee will have the salmon." Terri interrupts with, "But I don't like salmon." Verve closes his menu and gives up. He tells her to order for them. He punctuates his sentence with "Jake." "You know what? I'm all up for being the girl here, but..." "Well, you're a little out of practice." Terri takes a breath, hands the menu to the waiter, and announces that they'll both have the scallops. Verve starts to say that he doesn't like scallops, but surrenders. Terri sets her jaw and looks at Verve. This is the best scene in Young Americans history.

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