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Ryders On The Storm

Corvette of Cliché. Scout asks Bella what she said in the letter. She tells him that it's none of his business. He asks how it could not be any of his business. She says it's just like how he didn't tell her that he had already told his father about her. I wish he'd tell her that his dad thinks she's a "crazy girl." Will shuts them both up (thanks, Will!) to remind them that he's got a real issue, like a deadline, and petty matters like paternity and Senatorial scandal should probably wait until the real problem is solved. Cue the police siren. They all look behind to see the police car in the bluescreen. As they wait for the officer to walk up, Bella announces that they are all "going to jail." Scout says that he should handle it, because he's good at talking to "the authorities." "They tend to like me," he says. Will reminds Scout that Townie Authorities probably won't think he's so keen. "You're right, I'm sure the local authorities know exactly who you are," Scout counters. "What's that supposed to mean?" And since it doesn't really mean anything, unless maybe it was a cut at Mamawhore, Scout just opens his mouth and rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, well, hohhhhuhhrhh." Bella is already talking to the officer at this point. He recognizes her. He used to babysit her when she was little. She says that she remembers him and that he was her favorite babysitter. Scout makes a repulsed face, which probably isn't the best idea if you want the authorities to like you.

The officer asks Bella if that's her car. She says that it's not, just "some rich Rawley snob's," but that she had just put a new transmission in it and was testing it out. She says she's on her way back to the station. She asks if she was doing something wrong. He smiles and says, "No, not you, Bella." Then he gets all stern and tells Will and Scout that they should be wearing their seatbelts and that he should write them a ticket for it. In a car travelling that fast, I'm wondering why they hadn't bothered to wear them myself. They nod and smile, but don't put on their seatbelts. The officer says goodbye to Bella, gives the slow double stink-eye to Will and Scout, and walks off. Bella smiles and says, "Thanks for handling that for me, guys." Scout gives the "ha ha, not" laugh. The officer drives away, which you never see when someone is pulled over, but it's important so that when Bella starts the car it can die. "You were feeling kinda sassy for a minute, there, weren't you?" Scout smiles. Will laughs, because suddenly his deadline is nothing. Bella tells them that they are "all out of gas." She calls them idiots. Will, thinking she must be an idiot, checks the gas meter. Scout, having similar thoughts, does the same. All smiles fade as we watch the car sit on the side of the road. The plucky acoustic guitar strums us into an ironic coma.

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Young Americans




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