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Terri and Verve grab the check at the same time and say, "I got it." Terri grabs it and says it's her treat, since it was her idea. "But I thought we were...I know..." Terri doesn't know and asks him what he's talking about. "You're the boy and I'm gonna be the girl so I'm supposed to let you pay for the check?" "Well, yeah." Terri puts down the check and says, "Okay. Look, Hamilton. I've never known how I was supposed to act, and I've never really thought about it. So just because now I'm wearing a dress, I have to start now?" Verve says that's not what he's saying. Terri interrupts. "No, no, no. Am I supposed to let you open my doors, and pull out my chairs and pay the check? " Verve goes into some monster eye-rolling. "And am I supposed to laugh at all your jokes, even the ones I think are lame? And you'll drive, and you'll lead the way, and you'll pick the topics of conversation? A lot of that seems really sweet and old-fashioned, but a lot of that seems arcane. And that's not who I am." "I don't think you know who you are," Verve squints. Terri chews on her tongue and blinks.

Known or understood by only a few: arcane economic theories. See Synonyms at mysterious
Latin arc nus, secret, from arca, chest.]

arcane Ar*cane", a. [L. arcanus.]
Hidden; secret. [Obs.] ``The arcane part of divine wisdom.'' --Berkeley.

adj : requiring secret or mysterious knowledge; "the arcane science of dowsing"

ar·cha·ic (är-kk) also ar·cha·i·cal (--kl).
adj. Abbr. arch.

1.Of, relating to, or characteristic of a much earlier, often more primitive period: an archaic bronze statuette.
2.No longer current or applicable; antiquated: archaic laws. See Synonyms at old.
3.Of, relating to, or characteristic of words and language that were once common but are now used chiefly to suggest an earlier style or period.

Corvette of Taboo Conversation. Scout walks over to Bella, who is looking at the lake that's suddenly there, instead of the trees that they were parked next to. Will has presumably gone to get some gas. He says he knows this letter is a "private personal thing" to her. Bella nods. Her arms are crossed, signaling her inner strife. Bella says the reason it's important isn't because of what she wrote in the letter, but rather that she had no intention of ever sending it. Scout's smile fades. "What?" She says she wrote the letter for herself. Scout gives a big-ol' eye-rolling and exhales. Bella continues talking about all of her feelings and then stops herself to say it doesn't even matter. She says she was never going to send it to the Senator. "'Slike, a personal journal entry for me." Scout is not pleased. "So we've been on this wild goose chase because you just had to have this 'Dear Diary' moment?" He's oh-so-sensitive, isn't he? "How could you do that?" "Now you know," she says. "Now I know what?" Scout laughs. "Why I don't tell you anything. Why I've closed you out." She did? When? "It's 'cause you say things like that." "Hey, guys! I got the gas, let's hit it!" Will stands with a gas can. Now, hold on. If the only gas station in Rawley is Bella's dad's "Gas and Tow," couldn't he have done the "Tow" part? And how far away are they from the station? If it's that close, couldn't they have just pushed the car? Will was only gone for about fifteen minutes.

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