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Ryders On The Storm

Bella is still crafting her letter, using her Townie Dictionary to see if "incest" is spelled with two "s"s. Scout just walks in, and Bella is understandably startled. As she's asking him why he just barged in, she's folding her letter with these incredibly shaky hands. She reminds him that this is her house. "This is a gas station, you live upstairs." Nice insult of her house, moron. Extreme close-up on the letter as Bella tells him that he shouldn't sneak up on people. We watch her move-by-move as she places the folded letter into the pocket of the coat on the wall behind her. Woah! We go into shaky-cam-slo-mo as we slowly watch the coat hang and not do anything, but it's got that letter inside of it. Don't forget! The coat has the letter. The letter that Bella wrote to her father, the Senator, is in the pocket of that coat. The brown one. With fringe. There. On the wall. Right behind Bella. The coat that plays that scary music in slow motion. Watch the coat. Waaaaaaaatch the cooooooat. Quick music shoosh as Scout asks, "Are you okay?" Bella scratches her chin and says she's fine. Scout says he thought he'd come over because she "looked lonely." What a line. "I get lonely. You never visit me!" Oh, sweet, drunk, slutty, pre-teen Grace. How much I've missed you. Scout says hello to the Sister of Sin as Bella rolls her eyes. We hear the gas station bell ring. What time is it? She tells Grace to "lay low" as she walks off. It's all dark, but I guess the shop is open. "Nice jacket," Grace says without missing a crucial plotline beat, and picks the jacket off the wall. Scout makes a face like he knows she shouldn't take the jacket because he saw Bella put the letter into it, but he doesn't say or do anything because he's not the gas-truck-saving Wesley that Sean is. Grace puts the jacket on and walks out of the office. She stands on the curb. She looks like one of those commercials where they tell you that your parents don't really hate you and you should pick up a phone and "keep dialing nine." Scout "thinks" for a second, and then walks out of the office towards the Runaway Train video, already in progress. Scout walks over to Bella as Grace's ride shows up. "Whassup?" one of them asks her. "See you later, I borrowed your jacket!" Grace shouts to Bella as she gets into the car. I say car, here, but it's a Range Rover. Bella turns around and shouts, "No, no, no, wait, wait, Grace, Grace! I left something in the pocket!" But she doesn't actually move towards the vehicle, so it takes off as it shows us its Range Rover name right over its Maryland plates. Hey! Townies aren't from Maryland! It wheels off full of boys yelling the words "Woo" and "Yeah." Bella sighs. "My letter," she reminds us all once again as we finally, finally, finally fade to black.

Mmm. The opening credits. Let's sing the opening song, shall we?

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Young Americans




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