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Ryders On The Storm

"No, definitely not," Verve says, hidden in the shadows of the non-pink room. "Yeah, they have no idea we're together," Terri says. She's on her back reading Allure with Britney Spears on the cover. He's sitting next to her, reading over her shoulder. He says that they'd never think that about him. "Oh, no. Not you," she says. "The tower of testosterone. The monument of masculinity." "What?" Verve asks. Terri slowly gets up so her butt is in the camera as she says, "You totally dig boys." They are inches away from each other. "Funny," he says. "I'm messing with your head, dude," she says. They kiss. "Yes, you are." They kiss. "This whole situation." They kiss. "Okay," Terri says as she sits back. "Let's go on a date, my manly man. Today." She says they'll get on her bike and go. She says she'll wear a dress. "And these." She pulls a black pump out of a box. It's hard to see in the dark. Verve holds the shoe up to his mouth and makes a tiger growl, which makes me think he wants to wear the spiked heels instead. He agrees to the date and they kiss.

Will is pouting in his room. You know what that means! Ah, Finn! Always in the kinda unbuttoned chambray. Always inappropriate. He walks in and asks if everything is okay. He says it's fine. Finn walks over to the bed, puts his hand out, and says he brought him something to "feel a little bit dandier." I'm going to make the creepy scene quick and painless because it's the only time we have to see Finn. Finn has an essay contest he wants Will to enter for a scholarship. Normally Finn doesn't let freshman enter it, but since our Will is so brilliant and wrote that bit about Finn kissing the dean's wife and how that led to a greater understanding of the human condition, he thinks Will could win. He calls Will "auspicious." The catch? He didn't bother to tell him until today, the postmark deadline. Will has to get a copy printed out and sent off by five this afternoon. They shake hands as Finn leans in to give Will a clean look at his chest. Finn leaves, and Will starts going through all of the drawers in his room. I assume it's to find the book that he copied the essay out of, but instead he says that the paper is still in his computer.

"What's still in the computer?" Bella has just barged right into Will's room. Runs in the family. Will says it's nothing and asks why she's there. She says she needs his help. Will reluctantly asks her what's wrong. She says she'll tell him but first they have to get out of that room. They turn around and walk right into (cue the sounds of the angels on high, the tears of the Dueling Saint Clares wash over me and fill me with serenity, my male cats begin caressing each other in total love) Scout's pecs! I've named them Richard and Gertrude. Rich and Gerty are fresh from the shower and still dripping with soapy goodness. "You're...all wet," Bella smiles. Scout looks himself over, and is clearly struck with how defined his chest is. He asks what she's doing there. She slowly stammers out that she left something in another room, and she needs Will to go and get it for her because it's actually his. As they walk out of the room, Will doesn't miss his chance to touch naked wet Scout flesh. He pats him and walks off. Scout just keeps mouth-breathin'.

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Young Americans




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