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Ryders On The Storm

Oh, thank you, WB. Commercials. My fingers are so tired.

As if the "Hidden Dressing Room" banner wasn't enough, Levi's is now making commercials with the same footage. This time they remembered to mention the company's name.

More bad voice-dubbing. Will, Scout, and Bella run down the stairs. "God, Bella, what were you thinking? Writing a letter to my father? How could you do that?" Scout is always the sensitive one. And weren't they pressed for time? They just all sat down and had a chat while Ryder was leaving with their stuff? Bella says they're not going to talk about it. "Not here. Not now." "Come on," someone says. "He's probably in class by the quad." Wait, there's another class in this school? Who teaches it? What are they learning? Why isn't anyone else taking this class?

As they walk to the quad, Scout reminds Will that Finn has a hard-on for him, and maybe he should tell Finn that Ryder's got his laptop. Will reminds us that he's already a big, fat, lying cheater just to get into this school, and putting gambling on top of that (after that whole stealing thing) would probably get him kicked out. This scene must have been shot without microphones, because the actors are very close to the studio mics, trying very hard to match their voices with their actions. Scout is chastising Bella for not telling him about the letter. She says that if he hadn't barged in on her in the first place, this wouldn't have happened. She says she was trying to be discreet. "Oh, well, thanks to your discretion a pretentious blabbermouth is about to royally screw up our lives." Bella says she's "painfully aware" of that. I'm "painfully aware" of everything in this show. Will stands up and tells them to shut up. He then jumps to the side and shouts, "Shh! Look!" They hide behind a bush and watch Ryder sitting in his outside class. Are there any classrooms in this show? The only one so far has been used for necking and discussions of adultery. There's some non-Finn teacher talking in front of a group of boys, but they are too busy throwing grass at each other and laughing to listen. I wish I went to Rawley. Throwing grass is really cool. Bella says she's just going to go up there and get her jacket (because the jacket really is no big deal), but the boys pull her back. Scout says that she'll make a scene, and "technically" she's not supposed to be there. Will talks a mile a minute to tell them that Ryder is just sitting there, so they should watch him until class is over, and he's going to go ask Finn if he can get his paper back. There's pounding bass and lots of staring. "Just watch him," Will hisses. He leaves.

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