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Ryders On The Storm

A pier. Verve is pacing by the bike. We see a "Women" sign for a restroom. Pan up from the black heels to the tiny black dress as Verve whistles. "Oh, stop," Terri says. She's obviously not used to the heels, because her arms keep swaying behind her back. She tells him to hop on the bike. "I don't think so," he says, taking the driver's seat. She tells him he doesn't even know where they're going. "Then you'll just have to guide me." Wait. He's the Townie. How does she know where they're going and he doesn't? He calls her "baby." Terri at first thinks he's kidding about driving her bike, but he's clearly not. She gets on the back and gives a "I'll give him this thing, because he's cute, and because I like him, and because he never gets to drive" grin. Then it's gone. Cue the Steel Drums of Non-Gay Love. The bike takes off.

This is a very long day. Pan down from a banner to boys walking.

A close-up on a door finds a yellow note. "Out suffering a fiery death. They demanded it. Smell you later, Finn." And then I stopped dreaming and actually read the note. It's just as funny, though. "At a Seminar all day...Try me Tomorrow FINN." A seminar. For what? Prep School Priorities 207: Keeping your kids from committing incest and possible homosexuality while you're trying to commit adultery and join NAMBLA the same week? Will tries one door, which is locked, and then tries the other before he sees the huge yellow note tacked to the door. Will bangs his head. He sighs.

Verve and Terri walk into a restaurant to piano music. They hold hands as Terri asks for a table for two. They kiss and giggle. As they walk up the stairs, Verve squeezes out Terri and walks up the stairs first. The waitress takes Terri's coat and walks off after she shows them to their table. Verve pulls a chair out for Terri. She looks at him. She asks what he's doing. "Being a gentleman," he says. Terri laughs and sits down. She tries to not giggle as she looks over the menu. Verve leans in and says, "You look...totally foxy." "Foxy"? Terri raises an eyebrow from her menu. She starts laughing. "Foxy?" Pan across to Verve as we hear Terri complain that something she's wearing is "killing her." Verve isn't amused and says, "Yeah, as in a compliment?" Terri takes off that stupid upper arm metal thing and puts it on the table. "As in something a guy would say to a lay-dee. Foxy lay-dee." He keeps saying "lay-dee" like Long Duck Dong. Pan across to Terri who is still laughing. "Right. Right. 'Foxy Lady,' uh?" Verve is so not laughing. He asks why that's funny. "It, it's not, Hamilton. I mean, it' this a line you use on girls?" "No," Verve says. "Actually, I reserve that line for cross-dressing she-men." The smile freezes on Terri's face. Ooookay. Tension. Now, I'm all about Verve dissing Terri for confusing his sexuality, and joking if it's joking, but since she hasn't even told him why she's dressed as a boy (since the whole mother thing seems to have been a lie), it comes as quite harsh, here. Terri smiles again, and then literally wipes the smile from her face and coughs.

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