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Love Isn't A Good Sailor

Jason: "Do you remember when we -- I mean, when kids -- they used to pretend to go up in space? Start their own planets and shit?"
Bubba: "You used to do that too?"
Jason: "Listen. Don't go, Bubba. I'm beggin' you. This is your home, man. And people love you here..."
Bubba: "Did my mama put you up to this? She's gonna be okay. Anything else?"
Jason: "...You drive safe."


Jessica offers to go apeshit the second she arrives at the Authority, but Bill does his best to calm her down. He gives her a little tour, drops little hints -- "I and several others, you might say, were chosen" -- that he lost his goddamn mind, and then starts into this Sanguinista shit about how they're the pinnacle of the et cetera, and finally presents her with a vampire Bible. The vibes of crazy she's been picking up since Bon Temps get very loud, suddenly.

Bill: "We have one of these at our home. It sits unused on a shelf because I thought I knew better. But I read it again with an open mind, and my world is full of wonder and mystery again."
Jessica: "You mean essentially like my crazy Christian family?"
Bill: "Yeah, basically. Anyway, go read that and then join my cult. We'll usher in a newer more horrible world. You and me, and Eric."
Jessica: "Even for me, this is turning out to be a fairly fucked up day."


Tara pretends to have killed Ginger -- Ginger's always game for a ruse, you know -- and calls in the Sherriff to counsel her about it, and he says "ice your clam," like that's a thing a person would say, and then Tara kills Elijah to death. Which is beautiful, because it's not like Pam even meant for Tara to go there, but talking about how they're a family has activated something in Tara where she is now protecting her home. Two things she never had before, along with the power to do something about it.


Steve comes home, quite smug, with mice in his man-purse and hair doing that thing it always does but moreso, and then out of nowhere he starts abusing Emma for turning into a little girl, because he likes it better when she's a puppy. I don't even want to get into it, it's super stupid and yucky and I don't know that I entirely understand the point.

Bill: "You guys, I am obsessed on the Book of Lilith now."
Authority: "That's kind of boring, but very Bill that you would go there with this."

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