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Grief Counseling

Michael has set up several stacks of paper boxes in the bullpen, in order to favour his employees with his hilarious "going downstairs" gag. He starts by getting Ryan a pencil "from the warehouse," which is when we first see that Michael should have maybe stacked the boxes five high instead of four. You want to perform, you need some core strength. Dwight sends him for a pen, and Michael happily obliges. Pam then asks for some coffee. Michael dismissively says that the warehouse coffee is so much better, so Michael goes "downstairs," and then belly-crawls into the kitchen, interviewing that he's like Bette Midler in For The Boys, doing whatever it takes to keep the troops entertained. Certainly, he's willing to wear through the knees of his pants, because if you're going to do comedy, you've got to be committed. He brings Pam her coffee, and she's like, "Cream and sugar?" Michael huffs off, but before we can see someone ask Michael to return from the warehouse with Darryl, it's time for the credits.

When we come back, Jan is on the phone with Michael, telling him, "We lost Ed Truck." Michael blithely offers to give her Ed's phone number, but Jan's like, "Er, not that kind of 'lost,' guy."

Michael comes out to the bullpen to announce Ed's death. Kelly rushes over to comfort him, which seems to be the first thing that cues Michael to the possibility that he might be sad about Ed's passing, and he duly starts acting upset, saying that it is very sad, because Ed was Michael's boss. Phyllis says it's a shame, and that Ed was a good guy, which reminds Michael that Phyllis and Creed had both worked with Ed too. Man, that Ed managed himself quite the dream team. Michael says that he'll be in his office if anyone wants to come cheer him up. When there are no takers, Michael decides to generate his own condolences, going over to Reception to ask Pam whether she heard the news. Since she was about ten feet away when he announced it, she...actually did. He comes around the side of the desk and opens his arms, and Pam's like, "Oh...uh, okay," and gets up to give him a hug, which of course he holds just long enough to make her uncomfortable and probably wonder how many months Michael will be holding on to the memory of what her boobs felt like pressed up against him.

Stamford. Josh checks with Karen about a price list that she was supposed to generate. She says she'll do it today, and Josh asks Jim to make sure she does. Jim affably agrees, and Andy coughs, "Suck-up!," immediately checking to see that Josh made out his special secret dis. If he did, he doesn't seem to think it's worth any kind of acknowledgement or congratulation. Karen rolls her eyes. Maybe come to meetings prepared, and Big Tuna won't be all up in your biz.

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