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Dwight and Isabel are playing whac-a-mole when Angela comes up wanting to join in. Dwight takes her aside and lets her out of the baby contract he made her sign. But at least he gives her a bunch of tickets for her trouble, so he's being a mensch about it.

While Michael mimes playing guitar for Julie on the pool table, Jim suggests telling Julie she's not normally like this. "Maybe it should come from a man," Pam suggests. "Maybe it should come from a note," Jim counters. "With flowers. Tomorrow." The manager, played by Amy Pietz from Caroline in the City, comes over to get Michael off the table, and when Pam and Jim try (and fail) to calm him down, over comes the bouncer. Michael hops off. "You got a problem?" The bouncer threatens. "Yes, homelessness," Michael cracks. Okay, that was actually funny. The manager tells Michael to leave, and Michael apologizes. Looks like he gets to stay. Pam tries to get the evening back on track, but Michael's too upset. "You let somebody talk to you like that, where does it stop?" "It stopped," Jim points out. Michael goes off to restart it. Pam suggests getting food, saying the wings there are really good. Do they come from free-range crow?

Creed's tearing it up on the DDR. Michael goes over to the manager and asks her to apologize to his friends for embarrassing them. "Then I am sorry that I didn't kick you out," she says. Michael argues with her about her management style, and claims to be writing a book on his own style, even though all he has is the title, Somehow I Manage, and there will be a picture of him shrugging with his sleeves rolled up. For some reason, she asks if he's read Iacocca's book. He says he owns it. Which is not to say he's read it. Suddenly he's on an entirely different date, and she's about to buy him a drink. At least until he says, "Grenadine."

Andy decides he and Erin need to work harder to throw people off, so he tells her to follow his lead. So he sits down next to a blonde and says he never does this. Do what? "Just sit down next to a beautiful woman and start talking to myself to confuse other people," Andy says. Then he spots Erin putting her hands all over some dude's lap, spits out his drink, and pulls her into the photo booth to ask where she learned to talk like that. She says the movies. "What movie, Black Snake Moan?" he demands. Meanwhile, the flash in the booth is going off, because it's apparently one of those photo booths that's activated by motion sensors instead of money.

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