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Date Mike

Michael is telling the manager about himself, and when she asks for his card, he says he put it in the bowl. She fishes it out (digging through an awful lot of Stanley's) and tells him he just won lunch. Michael gives his table a thumbs-up. Julie wants to go, and Pam apologizes, saying Michael's not usually like that. "What's he usually like?" Julie wonders. Jim thoroughly enjoys watching Pam flounder a while before saying, "You can go." Michael waves at Julie as she leaves, and looks guilty when she just keeps walking. But then the manager reminds Michael to come in for his free lunch on a day when she's working. Suddenly Michael feels a lot better.

Darryl congratulates Oscar on putting together a fun night for everyone, even if the reason Oscar did it never showed up. He advises Oscar not to sweat it. "Matt's an okay dude, but he's a dummy." Oscar wonders if he should count himself lucky, but when Matt shows up wanting to shoot hoops, Oscar's all over it. Darryl's left alone at the bar shrugging at us while Oscar shrinks from his own rebounds.

Andy holds up the strip of photos from the booth, which of course show him arguing with Erin. He tells us, "This is not what I want my relationship to look like." So he goes up to the microphone to make one of those big embarrassing romantic-comedy public announcements: "I have been on two dates with Erin Hannon and they went well and there'll... there will probably be more." Erin smiles happily, and they do a joint TH where Andy says keeping it a secret was too much drama. "And I hate drama, so, there you go." Erin says, "You love drama." I know I do, right?" He admits. I'm a total drama queen." Oh, they're so perfect for each other.

Dwight and Isabel are walking through the parking lot together, discussing possible moves to protect oneself against an by the Scranton Strangler. That guy again? Suddenly Angela pops out at them, prompting Dwight to try his move, which is fortunately a purely defensive one. But Angela's even scarier than the Scranton Strangler; she's a scorned woman with a signed birth contract to wave in Dwight and Isabel's faces. Dwight's like freaking out, experiencing one of his vanishingly rare moments of embarrassment, but Angela refuses to back down. That is, until Isabel, steps forward, pops her on the forehead, and says, "Whack!" Angela scampers off, and Dwight turns to Isabel and says, "You are an impressive specimen." "Thank you," she says. He kisses her. And who could blame him?

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