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Date Mike

The rest of the gang is also leaving. Kelly is crying shrilly over a spilled drink. Suddenly Pam has to get home, and Kevin makes a triumphant gesture in our direction. Michael jumps in front of them and says he did well with a young lady tonight. Jim, not getting it, says he didn't, actually. Michael insists he did, but he can't take all the credit. He's happy to share it with: "Date Mike. Nice to meet me."

The tag is warehouse guy Hide telling us his story at Darryl's prompting, with subtitles even though he's speaking English. Apparently he was a top heart surgeon in Japan, then stowed away on a fishing boat to America after accidentally killing a yakuza boss. Now he has a new life, thanks to Darryl, and tells us that he killed the yakuza boss on purpose. Darryl doesn't look nearly as nervous as he probably should.

Check out a dueling interview with The Office co-star Craig Robinson.

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