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Let the Circle (of Eyeballs) Be Unbroken

Cult house. Carroll tells Emma to keep an eye on Claire and Joey, which she thinks is a shitty idea since she, you know, stole Joey and everything. They discuss their revolting, food-contaminating affair as Jacob comes in and says Daniel Monroe's death hasn't made the news. And then Roderick lunges through the door, panting and desperate, and starts crying as he confesses that he's screwed everything up. Eh. I wouldn't worry that these incompetents will get on your tail too quickly, pal.

All the agencies have been called in to hunt the cult. As the agents are discussing it, Ryan stares out the window at a TV van.

Roderick wants to execute the cult's escape plan, but Carroll just loves his cushy office and the giant fireplace in which he plans on roasting Ryan alive, so he tells Roderick to slow his roll already. They argue about the necessity of killing Daniel Monroe, with Roderick losing it and screaming at Carroll at one point. He manages to stop yelling and says he did what he could with the property records, but sooner or later the FBI will find them. Carroll insists it's not time yet, and tells Roderick he's getting paranoid. See, Carroll -- this is the problem with working with crazy people.

Roderick pleads with Carroll to tell him if there's a different plan, and says that he's put everything on the line for Joe while Joe just sits in the house, scowling at his book and trying to get Claire to love him again -- which she won't, he adds. Incensed, Carroll starts trying to choke Roderick to death before hurling him to the floor. Roderick screams at Carroll about how he's using him, and Carroll just stares flatly and tells him to get his shit together.

Jacob runs in as Roderick is asking if Carroll will kill him if he doesn't. Jacob summons them to see Ryan addressing the media. He says the feds think the cult is near Havenport, Maryland, and offers any the culties who are willing to cooperate full immunity from prosecution. Hilariously, he tells them to contact the Havenport sheriff's office. You know, where Carroll's second-in-command works. Inside the office, Parker tells Donovan about Ryan's press conference while Mike just looks glassy eyed, like his brains are still a little scrambled.

Ryan finishes by telling the culties that they can be redeemed and exonerated if they help the authorities. In the cult house, Carroll switches off the TV and tells his followers that the FBI is desperate. Jacob, in the back of the pack, looks mildly intrigued. Or constipated. One of those, definitely.

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