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Let the Circle (of Eyeballs) Be Unbroken

Claire runs down the stairs of the cult house and pleads with Jacob to take Joey away rather than back to the cult house if he finds him. Jacob just says he's doing what Joe wants.

Betty stops the car and gets out, freaking out about how her buddy Tim just committed two murders in front of her. He raises the gun to kill her, too, but just then half a dozen cop cars, including an SUV with Ryan, Parker and Mike in it, swarm up. They throw Roderick to the ground and cuff him.

Roderick tells Ryan he wants to make a deal. He's taken Joey as an insurance policy, he explains. Ryan doesn't believe him, but Roderick tells him to get the phone they took from him and call Carroll. Mike brings the phone in, glaring at Roderick, who taunts him by doing that I'm-rubbing-my-eye-with-my-finger thing, pointing out where Mike still has healing cuts. Oh, please let Mike hit him with a baseball bat before this all ends. Roderick dials.

Carroll answers the phone and stumbles when Ryan answers. Carroll threatens to flay Roderick alive if anything happens to Joey, revealing to Ryan just how unhinged he's gotten. Ryan hangs up on him and whispers to Roderick, "Let him sweat." Roderick wants to go free in exchange for Joey; watching on the other side of the mirror, Donovan says that won't happen. Oh, but this is Ryan Hardy's world and you just live in it, Nicky. He leaves the room and Donovan reminds Ryan that Roderick just murdered two state troopers. Ryan's more concerned with Joey, and Parker points out this could be a Carroll trap. Donovan puts his foot down: no deal.

Outside the sheriff's station, Jacob and his redshirt buddies watch from their car. Inside, Ryan reenters the interrogation room and unhooks the security camera. He unlocks Roderick's handcuffs, points his gun at him, and tells him he'll free him if he takes him to Joey. Ryan beckons another agent from the hall into the room and, at gunpoint, tells him to give his FBI hat and jacket to Roderick. That poor agent is like, what the fuck, man. And then Ryan and the cop killer just walk right out of the building. Ryan puts Roderick in a police cruiser, but Roderick has a condition of his own: he tells Ryan to get rid of his phone and guns. Ryan protests, but does it. They leave and Jacob follows them.

Cult house. Carroll pokes obsessively at the fire. Emma comes into his Beauty and the Beast-style throne room o' moping to tell him the rest of the culties are freaking out. Carroll's gotten weirdly Zen and insists they're safe, so everyone should just FUCKING CHILL, ALL RIGHT? Emma tells him she's worried about Joey and then starts groping Carroll. He rejects her, telling her what they have together is sex and nothing more, and this is not the place and time for sex. (And he says "sex" in just the grossest way. Like, he finds a way to put an L sound in it.) He blames her for taking care of Joey and allowing Roderick to snatch him, which Emma can't believe, since he was with Claire at the time. Carroll slaps her across the face when she protests. Man. My list of People Who Are Definitely Going to Cut off Pieces of Joe Carroll's Anatomy While He Sleeps is just getting longer every week.

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