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Too Much Faith

Jim returns to the office and joins the party as everyone sitting in the conference room waiting for the Here Comes Treble performance. Pam asks how it went, and Jim gets all sketchy as he slowly says he put in the full ten thousand. Pam's a little stunned, and gets increasingly upset as Jim turns out not to have any details on how much the others invested. Andy introduces Here Comes Treble, who come in singing a romantic ballad while Pam continues hissing at Jim about how he volunteered ten thousand dollars that the venture didn't need, even though he says he kind of "had to." She gets pulled into the performance, and Clark loudly asks "Where's the band? Cause there's no way you guys are making this magic with just your mouths!" He briefly THs about whether he's overdoing it, then dismisses the very idea. Back at the show, Jim is trying to put off the discussion that Pam would rather have now.

After the ads, Clark is feigning enthusiasm for the group's rendition of "Car Wash," currently underway. Robert glances hintingly at Oscar, who shakes his head. "Show some pride, this is crap," says Stanley. The soloist announces that there's a former Trebler there in the room. "Who!?" Darryl asks. They start in on "Faith" while Andy feigns reluctance and joins them at the front of the room. But the song has barely started when he realizes that Broccoli Rob is singing along via Skype on the big screen. Andy gets mad, and the soloist explains that they thought Andy wanted to hear "Faith," which they think is Broccoli Rob's signature song. Most likely because that's what Broccoli Rob told them. Andy, trying to keep his cool, points out that he's dressed like George Michael. "I thought you were Adam Lambert," the soloist says.

Erin THs that yes, this is all kind of pathetic. "But when you're with someone, you put up with the stuff that makes you lose respect for them. And that is love." She might as well be dating Gabe again, but I guess he's off running for Vice President.

Later, Erin finds Andy sulking alone in the conference room. Well, not exactly; Broccoli Rob is still on Skype. He claims it was all a misunderstanding, which Andy doesn't buy. Broccoli Rob claims that its' his duty to drop in "two, three times a week." And he ends up challenging Andy to a sing-off, and then angrily bringing up an offhand compliment he once got from Trey Anastasio that he apparently has tattooed on the inside of his wrist. How sad is it that these two are arguing over which of them is more pathetically overinvested in their shared past? Erin just unplugs everything, so Broccoli Rob doesn't get to hear Andy call him a dick. We do, though, so that's good.

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