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Too Much Faith

Jim, Angela, and Pam are up at Reception talking about the concert with Kevin, who's dressed as Charlie Brown. Angela complains about "Monster Mash," which Jim says you have to do at Halloween. Pam jumps on Jim's use of the phrase "have to," wondering if you go to jail or get shot if you don't do something you "have to." Jim would like to drop it, but Pam pushes it, pointing out the difference between things that are a "good idea" and things you "have to" do, like, "feed your children. Send them to school. All things you can't do if you just keep singing 'Monster Mash.'" Have they not had a chance to talk about this privately? I guess this is consistent with Pam's tendency to argue in metaphors.

Andy admits to Erin that this is all silly, and goes from "It's not like we're moving to Cornell" to "Are we doing this?" in about fifteen seconds. Erin goes, "Oyee. Andy, what is going on?" Andy doesn't know who he is if he's not the Boner Champ, which is when he gets the idea of making a donation to Here Comes Treble. "And it just so happens I know someone who works at the Bernard Family Foundation." Oh, Andy, haven't you had enough BFF for one day?

Dwight quietly asks Nellie for help getting some pills, claiming they're for his cousin Mose and all his problems, like his crazy cousin Mose. "Other cousin Mose," Dwight quickly corrects. Nellie, playing along says to tell Mose, "He's a good man and I hope he feels better." Dwight asks which one, and Nellies says the real one. "He says thank you," Dwight says as sincerely as one can when pretending to say it on behalf of someone else who isn't there.

In the tag, Andy's on the phone to his mom pitching the scholarship idea, and get some surprising news. Here Comes Treble singing the Cornell's school song on the soundtrack as Toby approaches Nellie with flowers. Andy comes out and tells Erin, "My parents are broke." Robert and Oscar kiss passionately outside the building. Nellie removes her Toby wig, and his smile disappears as she asks who the flowers are for. They're for someone who isn't here any more, Nellie. Oscar heads back into the building, noticing too late that the camera is there. And Toby goes into the annex and smashes the flowers against the Successories poster. Ironically, it's the one titled VISION.

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