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Silent Night? On This Show?

Will runs into Toby in the hall. Toby is just coming in. Will asks if he was at the Hill. "On the Hill, you're not at the Hill," Toby corrects. Toby asks how it went. Will says it didn't go very well. "Presidential flameout?" Toby asks. "Flameout"? Finally, something I can relate to from recapping Smallville. Toby asks if it feels like he'll ever know the love of a real woman, whatever that means. "Could we not talk about it?" Will asks. Yes, let's all please not talk about anything for a moment. Toby asks what POTUS said about the Congressional session. Toby deduces that they didn't get that far. Toby goes on about looking in the mirror and how this defeat will be on Will's mind the next time he tries to make love to a real woman. I hate that this makes me have to think about whether Sorkin got laid right before or right after he wrote this. Will says this is important. Toby asks an assistant to set up some time for himself and Will with POTUS. Toby notices some Sam posters on Will's office walls. He makes a general announcement about campaigning in federal buildings. He says they should use something else, like maybe shaving cream.

Ginger tells Toby there's a woman on the phone doing some sort of skits on the Hill and she wants to know when Albert Anastasia was killed. Toby says he doesn't know, but tells her to hang on a second. Toby goes to his office, opens the door and asks his dad when Albert Anastasia was killed. "October of 1957," he says. Toby passes on the info. He goes into Will's and says the meeting is set for 7:30. Will makes him promise he'll be there. Toby says that when Will goes home that night, he's going to have the overwhelming instinct to drink. "Trust that instinct," Toby says. Toby tells him to manage the pain and not to try to be a hero. What, nothing about making love to a real woman? Will asks who rides a bike to work when there's going to be a foot and a half of snow. "These are all good questions," Toby says and walks out. Will says, by the way, that Toby's dad seems nice and that they were talking before. Will asks if Toby's dad has retired. Yep. He asks what his dad used to do. Toby says he made women's raincoats, and before that, he worked for Murder Incorporated. Here's what FindAGrave.com has to say about Albert Anastasia: "Oragnized [sic] Crime Figure. He was part of 'Murder Incorporated,' a group of professional killers who worked solely for the National Crime Syndicate in the 1930s. The killers received assignments and payments to murder total strangers in the New York area or anywhere in the country, murdering anyone selected by the syndicate board. Murder, Inc. was destroyed when Reles turned informant in 1940." Sorry, you can look up who "Reles" is on your own. There's silence in the office. "Boy, it really is snowing," Toby says, as he walks off.

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