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Silent Night? On This Show?

Hallway. Josh catches Toby and asks him to come over to the first empty room he can find. Josh says it was desperation, not out of a desire to do evil. Josh says Mob Dad had a young family and barely spoke the language. He went to jail, and Toby went to school, and it was all a half century ago. Josh tells Toby to look what Mob Dad did in two generations. "What room did you just walk out of?" Josh asks. Toby says he appreciates that that's what Josh thinks, but asks if Toby gets to think what he thinks. "No," Josh tells him. Josh says that Toby doesn't know what he knows. That Josh would give anything to have a living father who was a felon or a sister with a past. Josh says that's it and leaves the room. Toby is silent.

Leo stops Josh in the hall. Leo says that Josh is off the hook on both items he's working on. Josh says it's fine. He's got Donna and they have a whole night planned. Leo says he's calling it off and that he found a news helicopter going two miles from where Donna is staying. "Donna left?" Josh asks. Leo says she did, and tells him to forget the Nativity. They'll get it next time. Josh is sad.

Toby walks back into his office. Mob Dad is standing. Mob Dad starts saying that Toby should know some of the history; he shouldn't have to ask when Anastasia was killed. "Oh my God," Toby says. He says he knows when Anastasia was killed, he knows about that candy store in Brownsville, Louis Amberg (who was nicknamed "Pretty") and the Half-Moon Hotel, six-story window, Coney Island. Toby's voice has risen. Mob Dad says that Dutch Schultz never heard of him. (Dutch tried to have Thomas Dewey killed.) Mob Dad explains that it only happened to terrible people -- murderers themselves. Loan sharks, heroin, these were their neighborhoods. "We don't have to do this all in one night," Toby says. That stops the conversation. "What?" Mob Dad asks. Silence. Toby says it's getting late and Mob Dad can stay on his couch. "Get you out in the morning," Toby adds under his breath. "I should stay tonight with you?" Mob Dad asks. "You should stay tonight with me," Toby says. Mob Dad gets his coat. Mob Dad asks about the health of the twins. "Very healthy," Toby answers. Mob Dad asks if he's got some names picked out. Not yet. Outside the office, Mob Dad asks who it's been that's been singing all day. "The Whiffenpoofs," Toby tells him, explaining that they're a group from Yale there to do a series of concerts. Mob Dad can't believe it. Toby says he's surprised he hasn't heard of them; he used to like Cole Porter a lot. "And they're singing right now in this building?" Mob Dad asks. They go over to listen a bit. The Whiffenpoofs are in a room singing "O Holy Night." It's actually kinda nice. Toby and Mob Dad stand there. Mob Dad looks shaken. "I'm having the strongest memory," Mob Dad says, translating something he said that Toby didn't catch.

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