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Silent Night? On This Show?

Leo and Josh. Leo asks if he was insensitive before when he told Josh that Donna was gone. The song is still playing. Josh says no. He says it's fine, it's great. He was feeling guilty, but this is fine, better than good... "Oh get it together, would you please?" Leo says, interrupting Josh's fumbling. Josh says he's trying. "Okay," Leo says. He says there's something they have to talk about. "You'll tell me when you need to," Josh says. Leo starts to walk away. He says it's four years later and there are things that are worse and things that are exactly the same. "Where do you start?" Leo asks. "By fixing the roofs," Josh says. He says he's still on the phones and staying. He asks if Leo wants to stay, too. He does.

Musical montage. We pan over: Danny tapping on a laptop; C.J.'s goldfish and then C.J. herself, looking at some papers; Charlie walking out; Zoey and Frenchie walking; Sam's office, where a campaign poster of him is hanging so we don't forget him just yet; Will in the bike-laden office practicing how not to be a wuss in the future; POTUS at a window, looking out; Leo on the phones, drinking coffee; Josh calling someone on a cell phone, but apparently getting no answer; Josh looking in on Toby and Mob Dad as they listen to the 'Poofs; the Whiffenpoofs themselves, singing in a multitude of sweaters. We pan back and behind Toby and Mob Dad. The End.

By the way, I caught the Al Gore/West Wing bit on Saturday Night Live this week and it was by far the funniest part of the show. Kudos.

Next time: Deborah! Welcome her back with kisses and gifts.

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