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Silent Night? On This Show?

Commercials. ER is doing a backward episode? Here's a novel, original idea: Why not do an hour in real-time and plant a nuclear device somewhere in the city?

POTUS moment. He tells someone that there's a new international math and science study and the U.S. ranked nineteenth out of twenty-one countries. "That's not very good," says someone we can't see yet. "Who did worse?" Cyprus and South Africa. Unseen Guy says that's questionable company because you really don't think of Cyprus in the field. But yeah, we suck. Given that I'm watching this show on pretty much entirely foreign technology and hearing it on a Sony receiver, the man has a point. POTUS says that one-third of all math teachers and one half of science teachers didn't major or minor in that subject. Yeah, I remember all my high-school teachers who went from coaching the football team to teaching me quadratic equations. To this day I still can't square anything. Hey, it's Adam Arkin! Thank God you finally escaped the fiery depths of Chicago Hope. Arkin says he did very well in math and science, but doesn't know why. "And we'll want to get to the bottom of that," POTUS snarks, before moving on to his own, obviously more important end of the conversation. POTUS says the U.S. has increased education spending to $100 billion so that now we use seventh-grade textbooks in ninth grade and the same answers get a high score on SATs. Yeah, back in my day, we had to shovel through ten feet of snow to fill in those Scantron forms. "That pissed me off," Arkin says. POTUS says he's talking about children now. Man, Bartlet, why don't you just hire a guy to stand with a full-length mirror, Morris Day-style, so you can have these conversations with yourself properly? "What'd you get?" Arkin asks, about the SATs. "You don't want to know," POTUS says. Kill me. Kill me. Please. Kill me. Arkin guess double 800s. POTUS says he got 800/790. "For the life of me, I can't imagine what I got wrong," he says. Maybe there was a question about humility somewhere in there. He says he took them again and got 800/790. He begins to wonder if there might have been some No. 2 pencil anomaly. Arkin interrupts to make clear that POTUS got 800/790, but still took the test again. This surprises him why? "I know, it's a little...something," POTUS acknowledges. Yes, Arkin agrees. It's something, all right. Yeah. I think this scene is a little... something. Something I constantly have to scoop out of my cats' litter box.

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