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Mob Dad is still in Toby's office, looking at newspaper articles framed and hung on the walls. Toby comes into the office. Toby says his dad's flight has been cancelled. The shuttles are cancelled. The train tracks are frozen in Trenton. Toby asks what hotel he's staying at so they can try to get the room a few hours more. Dad says he didn't take a room. Toby asks Ginger to call around at hotels to try to get a room. Dad says he can hang out and be quiet. "You've got some pull in this town, eh?" Mob Dad asks.

Toby walks over to the next room, Sam's old office, where Will is sitting. There are bikes everywhere. Toby says that some of the junior staffers must have moved their bikes into the office in protest. Will says he doesn't care and wants to talk about the notes. Will says he agrees with two of the three notes. "No leading with reform, fix the pipes, don't buy new tool box." Will says you can only talk about the "tool box" at the beginning of an administration. Toby says that if you start out with something like campaign reform and nothing happens, you spent four years doing nothing about campaign reform. Mob Dad watches from the next office. Will says you gotta get on the field and win. Toby says he still thinks POTUS is right and that they'll have a meeting. "With who?" Will asks. With Toby and POTUS. Will says he shouldn't be there for that."You can tell him I said move the bicycles," says Toby. Will tells him to forget about that and that he's not meeting with the president. He doesn't feel comfortable. Toby holds up a hand, says, "Yeah," and walks away.

Toby walks next door and says he's striking out getting a hotel. Man, that was some fast dialing on Ginger's part. Mob Dad says he can just hang out. Toby gets irate that a guy with multiple criminal convictions thinks the secret service will let him walk around unescorted. "You can't," he grouses. "You're a threat to the president." "I'm really not," Mob Dad says sadly. Sad music. Snow outside the window. Toby sits and says he's going to work for a while now. Mob Dad sits down. We go outside to a reverse angle and pan back from the window.

More commercials.

POTUS is standing outside in the snow in a shirt and tie. Somebody opens the door and asks if he'd like a coat. "It's not that cold," he says as flurries swirl around him.

Inside. Singing. Ugh. The Whippenpoofs are sitting around and doing "The Girl from Ipanema." Donna is sitting with them. She interrupts them and says the song's not doing anything for her. She says this is a chalet in the mountains with four-poster beds and dust ruffles. Also a 14,000 bottle wine cellar. "Got anything like that?" she asks. One of them says they'll get their heads together. Carol brings in sandwiches. She warns Donna that she should leave. Donna says she's taking I-66, which they've been salting all day. Charlie goes up to Carol and says something so fast I have no idea what it is, but I think it has something to do with C.J. sitting in on something. Carol tells the 'Poofs that they're all set. Donna asks if Charlie knows an appropriate song they can do for her before she leaves. "You guys know 'Girl from Ipanema'?" Charlie asks. Donna goes bug-eyed. POTUS comes in from the cold and tell Charlie to have Josh see him in his office. Charlie turns to Donna and tells her to go now. "I'll wait," she says.

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