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Josh is in his office, on the phone. "Three units are in the sedan, a fourth is in Turkey, which just had a 6.2 seismic experience. That's an earthquake, right?" He says they don't need materials, just oversight. More Israel church work. POTUS stands at the doorway and knocks. Josh gets off the phone immediately. He stands. POTUS says this is gonna sound crazy, but a legislator had an infant-mortality bill that they asked not to take out of committee because it was too expensive. POTUS wants them to take that initiative and roll it into something else, like the HHS budget. Josh says they can make it a priority for the next Congress. POTUS says he wants it for this Congress. Josh asks whether he's saying that, before it goes to the printer on Jan. 1, POTUS wants to rewrite the federal budget. POTUS: "A little bit, yeah. If we nip and tuck and dip into pockets, we can do it." POTUS says they can do an around-the-clock effort. He asks Josh if it's crazy. Josh says it's not crazier than Leo going for peace in the Middle East by closing. Josh agrees to get it started. Well, screw seeing It's a Wonderful Life this year.

Donna comes up to Josh in the hall. Josh says he's sorry and that it's not what it looks like. Donna says it's fine. Josh says it's the HHS budget, it's a hard deadline, and it's important to POTUS. Donna says it's really okay. She takes off her coat and asks where to start. Josh tells her to call the policy councils.

Charlie passes a TV with the Weather Channel on. Will stands at the door and introduces himself. Charlie says the president is set to see him. Will freaks out and says he's supposed to be meeting with Toby. Charlie says Toby got called to the Hill by Leo, so Will has to meet with POTUS, sans Toby. Will wants to reschedule and rushes out just as the door opens and Bartlet emerges. He asks about Toby. Charlie introduces Will, who was trying to scurry out of the room. POTUS asks Will to come in. "Oh, no, no...no no no," Will sputters. POTUS says he sent some notes on the Congressional session. "Did you?" Will asks. What is with him? POTUS asks if that's not why he's here. Will says he was there to meet Toby. "To see me," POTUS says. "Yes!" Will counters. Are we there yet, dad? POTUS asks if Will would like to come back with Toby. Oh, yes, he would. Will says thanks and calls him, "Mr. Justice, Mr. Bartlet, Mr. President." POTUS nods. Will is crushed. Charlie says he's seen worse. "Really?" Will asks. "No," Charlie says. Ba-dum bump!

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