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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut
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We open on Stefan at Mossy Manse, calling Klaus, who is whiling the night away in the woods of Oregon. Klaus says, "Portland is fantastic. Once you get over the whiny music and healthy looking people, it's literally a breeding ground for werewolves." Oh, Klaus, if they kill you tonight, I do hope you come back as a ghost at some point, because you know how to turn a phrase. Stefan? Not so much. He monotones: "Your father's dead." Then he backtracks, because Mikael the Vampire Vampire Slayer (MtVVS) is neither Klaus's father, nor truly dead. He is, as Stefan clarifies: "daggered." Klaus asks for a play-by-play, so we flashback to...

Mossy Manse, One Hour Earlier: Stefan, Elena and Damon block out their plan. They'll say MtVVS tried to grab Elena to use as Klaus-bait, so the Brothers Salvatore dosed him with vervain. They'll add that MtVVS came conveniently pre-armed with an Original "killing" dagger that he'd planned to use on Rebekah, and that once MtVVS was disabled by the vervain, Elena daggered him (if a vampire daggers an Original, the vampire dies, too). Bye-bye Papa Original Guy. Klaus will want to see the body. That's fine by MtVVS. He tells Elena to dagger him for real. They need to keep everything as true as possible, so that still-compelled Stefan won't accidentally spill the beans to Satan Klaus. They'll lure Klaus to Mossy Manse to see MtVVS's body, and a revived MtVVS will kill Klaus. Stefan asks how. MtVVS explains he has a special stake carved from the white oak tree that Eloise Hawking used in her Original-creating spell. MtVVS is keeping the stake hidden until the appropriate time, to ensure that the Fellowship of the Falls remembers to de-dagger him. And? I have a nit to pick.

Sidebar: I am nearly certain that when we first learned about Original vampires, and about Klaus the hybrid, here's what we were told: while the special daggers would kill an Original vampire, the Original vampire would only stay dead as long as the dagger remained in his or her corpse. I'm down with that. Elijah and Rebekah have both shown us this is true. BUT, I'm also nearly as certain that we were told the dagger wouldn't work on Klaus, because he is part werewolf. Okay, that's fine, too. We were ALSO told (and shown, with Elijah) that regular wooden stakes don't work on Originals. Now, I get why a stake carved from the magic white oak will kill regular Originals, but I don't like that it can kill Klaus, while the daggers won't even disable Klaus, because he's part werewolf. I accept this mythology, but I think it's muddled; this show can do better, and I won't pretend to like it.

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