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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut

Flashback to the Party: Klaus tells Katherine-as-Elena, that he's already ensured that if he (Klaus) dies, Damon will die too, because the hybrids have been ordered to kill Damon, and their sire-bond ensures they'll fulfill this last request.

Car, Present: Stefan asks Katherine she knew Stefan would stop Damon. Katherine says, "I didn't. I was just hoping that you would want to."

Mossy Manse Flashback: Katherine tells Stefan, "If Klaus gets killed, he's taking Damon down with him." Stefan says they should cancel the plan. Katherine: "And face the wrath of Mikael? We'll all be dead. Okay look, I know that you've turned off your humanity and that you don't care, so there's only one solution." Stefan asks what that is. Katherine steps closer to him. "Care, Stefan. Care enough to save Damon's life, because I am going back to that party and I am seeing this plan through. Klaus will be killed and we'll have our freedom, but then Damon will be dead. Your brother will be dead, Stefan, unless you care enough to do something about it." He totally does, because he loves Damon the bestest.

Car, Present, Night: Stef exposits that Kiki has wanted Klaus dead for 500 years, and asks why she screwed up the plan to kill him, just to save Damon's life. She says that wasn't her only reason. She did it to save Stefan's humanity, too. "Just say I liked the old you, better." I don't know, Keeks. While Ripper-syndrome has been hit or miss, and the compulsion mythology has been somewhat weakened during this whole Stefan story, I do enjoy cocky, cruel Stefan.

Stefan says Katherine never cares about anyone but herself. She tells him they both know that's not true. "I loved you. I loved Damon, too. Humanity is a vampire's greatest weakness. No matter how easy it is to turn it off, it keeps trying to fight its way back in. Sometimes I let it." Stefan says he doesn't want to let all of his back in, not after everything he's done. Katherine understands he doesn't want to, but says, "If you don't let yourself feel, you won't be able to do what I need you to do next." Stefan: "What's that?" Katherine: "Get mad."

The next day, Klaus calls Rebekah, who can't come to the phone right now, because she is still en-daggered in the dungeon at Mossy Manse. He leaves her a voice mail telling her daddy's dead and it's time for a family reunion. He's outside his truck full of fallen family members when he gets a call from Stefan. "I'm just calling to thank you for my freedom. [...] The thing is, it came at too high of a price. You took everything from me, Klaus." Klaus tells him to let bygones be bygones, because resentment gets old. Stefan: "You know what never gets old?" Klaus pushes up the door on the back of his truck to find all his coffins are GONE! Stefan answers his own question. "Revenge." Klaus: "No!" Stefan: "What's the matter, Klaus, missing something?"

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