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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut

So anyhow, Elena daggers MtVSS. We jump ahead an hour. Stefan's on the horn with Klaus. He tells him Elena has taken care of his daddy issues. Klaus: "I want to see his rotten body for myself." Stefan: "Well, he's here. Drop by, whenever." We always keep our kills around for a couple of days, unless Damon goes on a cleaning spree. Klaus reminds Stefan he's compelled to be truthful with Klaus. Stefan keeps his comments minimal so he's not lying. Klaus then asks to speak to Rebekah. She gets on the phone, and though it pains her, her session with Elena in the last episode got through to her. She knows Klaus must die. She confirms to Klaus that MtVVS is dead. Then she sweetens the pot. "I miss you. I'm miserable here." Klaus says he'll be back soon. Rebekah reports to the Fellowship that Klaus is coming home. When she leaves the room, Elena pulls the dagger out of MtVVS.

Mossy Manse, Morning: Rebekah is polishing her toenails when her dastardly Daddy Dearest revives. She wants nothing to do with him and makes that plain. MtVVS doesn't press his case, but does ask for his dagger. Rebekah says Elena has it, to keep MtVVS from using it on her. When MtVVS says she was never his target, Rebekah gives him an earful that while Klaus is a mother-murdering monster, it's Mikael's fault for making them all vampires in the first place.

Gilbert Gables, Elena's Room: Bonnie sifts through cave painting photos while Elena bemoans her entire wardrobe. She has nothing suitable for the Homecoming dance. I'd mock that, except I don't think wardrobe has done a great job, lately, of choosing more formal attire for the practically perfect Ms. Dobrev, so I don't think Elena is exaggerating. Bonnie doesn't even want to go to the dance. Elena reminds her Caroline will kill them. Bonnie's all: well sure, she has a date. Elena then tries to get Bonnie to open up about her break up with Jeremy. She might be the Germ's sister, but she's Bonnie's friend, and she's mad at him too. Bonnie appreciates the gesture, but doesn't take Elena up on it. At the end of the day, Elena cannot be as mad at her brother as Bonnie is. This moment rings true and is long overdue.

Mossy Manse: Elena and Damon gather and assemble weapons (stakes, wolfsbane grenades) in his covet-worthy bedroom and adjacent bath. Elena worries that there are too many things that can go wrong with Operation Kill Klaus. Damon's formulating a secret plan. When Elena wants to know what it is, Damon says, "I can't tell you, because then it wouldn't be secret." He then gestures his head toward the doorway, and not a second later, Stefan walks in looking for a tie. Damon's all: wear your own. Stefan: "I am 162 years old and going to a Homecoming dance. I need better ties." Since you're 162 years old, why do you care what tie you wear to a high school dance? When Elena snarks that Stefan could "not go," Stefan says, "I'm compelled to protect you, and if I look at your track record at high school dances, it's pretty tragic. With my luck, you'd go ahead and get yourself murdered by the Homecoming Queen." Heh.

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