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Rebekah, The Evil Blood Slut

Stefan asks if Klaus can finally stop running. Klaus says that next, he plans to reunite his family. Stefan implies they might not be thrilled by that, as they're the people who Klaus currently carts around in caskets. Klaus: "None of that matters anymore. Mikael's gone. Bygones will be bygones." Their talk turns to Rebekah. When Klaus asks where she is, Stefan says he has no idea. "I thought she was coming with Matt." Klaus says, "Be honest now, Stefan. Where's my sister?" Stefan: "I said, I have no idea. Now would you like me to take you to your father?" Klaus wants MtVVS brought to him. Stef hesitates for but a moment and then agrees, but asks for his freedom in return. Klaus says that once MtVVS is dead and his weapon is destroyed, he will free Stefan from his compulsion.

Mossy Manse: Damon is pouring himself a blood bag, when MtVVS comes in and asks if Rebekah went to the dance. Damon lies that she did. When MtVVS shows him the magical white oak stake, Damon asks to hold it. Since it's the only thing that can kill an Original, MtVVS is not inclined to share.

Damon says, "I'd offer you a drink, but Katherine tells me you're a vampire-on-the-rocks kind of guy." MtVVS says, "Well technically, you could still offer." Damon resents the implication that any vampire would drink his blood, which both cracks me up (I mean it's only been a short time since he stopped feeding on poor Andi, and that's because his brother killed her) and also intrigues me. This idea of allowing another vampire to feed on him is clearly offensive to Damon, in the way that feeding off a human is not. Don't get me wrong. I like this bias. It's consistent. Although Damon and Stefan both have and will kill vampires, it's usually only when they're in a mess. Arguably, Stefan has needed a good staking all season, just as Damon was begging for one during the first season. They have a modicum of respect for unlife, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. At any rate, MtVVS says that while he had a hand in creating vampires, the bloodlust was unintentional. Over the years, he trained himself to feed on the predators rather than their innocent prey. Hey, if Stefan ever comes back from the other side, maybe that'll be a viable meal plan for him.

Stefan gets home and tells Damon and MtVVS that Klaus wants Stefan to bring MtVVS's body to him. Stefan hopes the plan doesn't depend on getting Klaus to Mossy Manse. When Damon says it doesn't, Stefan asks if there's really a plan. Damon: "Oh yeah, we've got a plan, right? It just doesn't involve you." As soon as the words leave Damon's mouth, MtVVS Stealth-Salvatores up to Stefan, grabs him, sinks his fangs into Stefan's neck, and drinks until Stefan is passed out on the floor. Damon is disgusted. "Couldn't you just break his neck?" MtVVS delicately dabs Stefan's blood off his chin. "Well, it certainly occurred to me." Damon's all WTF? He pauses to take a look at Stefan lying on the floor, picks up his weapons bag, his jacket and heads out after MtVVS.

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