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Ferry Tale

Richmond's fancy apartment with lovely views of the Seattle skyline. Someone knocks at the door, giving him a chance to bounce his newly won basketball and set it aside (so he scored!) before answering. It's Linden, who apologizes for showing up so late, but his campaign (also working late, I guess) told her he'd gone home. He offers her a drink, which she refuses for about ten seconds then accepts. He asks what she's here for, and she tells him that Ahmed is no longer a suspect in the Rosie Larsen murder. Richmond knew Ahmed wasn't capable of it and asks if that's all. Linden tells him that Ahmed was beaten and is in critical condition. They share a mutual lack of envy for each other's jobs. He offers her another drink, but she says she just wanted him to know she was wrong and quickly walks out.

She heads to Reggie's boat, where Reggie's sitting outside. Linden asks why she's up so late, and Reggie tells Linden that she caught Jack and some of his hoodlum friends in the boat earlier that day with cigarettes and beer. When she kicked Jack's friends off the boat, Jack called her a stupid lesbo. Linden says he's so dead, but Reggie points out that Jack isn't the problem here. "Your 13-year-old son is clearly acting out and you're nowhere to be seen. It's not like I can call his dad." Linden agrees that she can't, because it's all on her. Then she tells Reggie she's going to make it a lot easier on her, and she huffily wakes Jack and storm to a cheap motel called the Happy Day Inn. Nice way to show Reggie how sorry she is for letting her kid run amok and be a little shit.

Day 10. Richmond gives a press conference about Ahmed -- whom he refused to call guilty -- being proved innocent. But, he says, unfortunately he's been the victim of vigilante justice and lies in a hospital room somewhere in critical condition. Richmond is determined to reopen the after-school program that Adams shut down and to rebuild those communities damaged by such vigilante justice. He says he'll be able to do both thanks to a generous donation. He sends a message to his fellow city council members: Stop using innocent schoolchildren as political pawns. Gwen and Jamie are totally happy with all of this. Jamie says it's "brilliant" because it fell into their laps. Richmond asks him to control his glee, considering someone almost died. Gwen says he's now the integrity candidate since he never turned his back on Ahmed. Richmond wants the attack ads pulled now, replaced with this new thing. One more thing: Richmond wants the city council members' budgets cut 10 percent each. Gwen and Jamie make sure he wants to burn those bridges. Richmond says they lit the match and showed him their true colors; now they'll see his.

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The Killing




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