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Linden's in her office staring at the wall of photos from Rosie's movie. When Holder comes in for the day, she cuts straight to business, wondering where Rosie went from Ahmed's and how she got there. Holder's all, "Morning to you, too." He gives her a "breakfast of champions": maple bacon donut. She wonders if he isn't a vegan. He says he's a vegetarian, but "It's a donut." Good point. Holder thinks they need to pursue Stan's connections to the Polish mob, even though his connections aren't exactly murder (more gambling and small-time stuff). She holds up a gold key from evidence while they talk so we are sure to see the flowy bird inside a gold circle design. Then she tells Holder she'll talk to Stan about the Polish mob and he can talk to Belko, since it's all they've got. She jumps up and he tells her it's the last time he'll ever buy her breakfast. Why? I mean, she didn't thank him or anything but she wolfed it down so she must have appreciated it a little. What's he looking for? A kiss?

Jail. Linden's in the visiting room when an officer brings Stan in. She asks him about being an associated of Kovarsky. He says that was a long time ago and then stumbles over the next part: "I was a different man back then." His stumbling is more like choking up, because he realizes maybe he isn't anymore. She asks if there's anyone from back then who might be seeking retribution. He doesn't say anything, so Linden softens. She tells him she heard the 9-1-1 call about Ahmed. "It was you. You called." Stan asks if he's... Linden says he's alive. For now.

Belko heads into work looking around suspiciously. He turns on some lights, which is when Holder comes in and tells him that the teacher might die, which won't be good news for Stan. Belko, with his hand firmly in his pocket and a mysterious book under his arm, says he doesn't know anything about it. He fills a coffee pot, makes coffee and ??? all with one hand in his pocket and the book under his arm. Holder grills him a little about Kovarsky, and Belko says Stan helped him get straight and he's never looked back. He says Stan doesn't associate with the old crowd, because he wouldn't do anything to mess with his family. Holder makes a vaguely threatening remark, but doesn't comment on or seem to notice Belko's only used one hand. He leaves, and Belko looks genuinely worried.

Courtroom. Stan's plea hearing. The charges are read, and Stan pleads guilty. His lawyer interjects that Stan's under duress and not rational. He whispers to Stan that if he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison, he should listen to him. The judge tells Stan she's going to defer to the lawyer. Terry and Mitch are in court, and Linden's there too, until her phone rings. It's someone letting her know that the cabbie that picked Rosie up from Ahmed's is in front of the federal building. She finds him, and he tells her why he remembered Rosie: She looked kind of like Alanis, only better-looking. He doesn't remember where he dropped her, or if she had a backpack or purse or anything. But he checks his ledger and offers the security camera if it hasn't been erased. He pulls the address from the ledger: "235 Ballard Ave. NW." Linden's shocked. "You sure? You took her home?" He doesn't know if it's home. He just knows that's where he took her.

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