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Ferry Tale

A bunch of guys are at work at the Larsen business when Mitch finds Belko in the office and asks who they are. Belko says they're just guys they bring in from time to time. She says she's never seen them before. Is this important? I feel like it must be. Belko tells Mitch they have a problem and pulls out the book he'd been carrying under his arm. It's their client book, I guess, because he tells her they don't have the manpower for this big client they have. She tells him to call Ronnie and Jim. Belko says Stan doesn't like working with them, but she says to call them; Stan doesn't need to know.

SPD. Linden and Holder are watching the security cam footage of Rosie, which gives them their timeline: She was dropped off at 10:37 p.m. She looks happy and smiling, so wasn't worried. The play the episode again, and Holder wonders where the cab parked. She says it's in front of the house; he overshot the door by twenty or twenty-five feet. Holder notices the light is on in the Larsen apartment, which is weird since they were out of town that weekend. And when she gets out of the cab, the light in the house goes off. So someone was in the apartment. Holder gives Linden this half-laugh, half-smile that is really a perfect bit of acting, because it's one of those reactions you'd have if you were sort of creeped out but also excited at the prospect of getting closer to the answers.

Larsen home. Terry's making Denny and Tommy clean up before their mom gets home. She bribes them with ice cream, so they work. She notices a gerbil or something named Wookiee and asks if he's sleeping. The boys tell her that's what mom said, so she's like, "Uh, okay, we'll let him rest." Tommy asks why their dad's in jail, since he's not the bad guy; shouldn't the bad guy be in jail. Terry does her best, saying the world is screwed up and their dad is a great guy but sometimes you do what you think is right and it's not. The doorbell rings then. It's Linden and Holder, looking for Mitch. Linden heads up with Terry to ask her a few questions, and Holder goes off looking for Belko.

Linden asks Terry who, other than her, has keys to the house. She can't think of anyone but Belko. She says the guy practically lives here, because he has no life. "He's just always around like he thinks he's part of this family or something." She says she told Mitch it's not good that he hangs around the boys so much. She says it's not that she thinks he's a pervert, but he's weird. She compares his personality to the table, which is pretty awesome. Downstairs, Belko says he was home with Bev, which is what he calls his mom. He says he has keys, but he never goes into the house because Mitch would never allow that. He says he only goes into the garage, but he wasn't there that night. Outside, Holder and Linden compare notes; he noticed the shredded hand this time so is sure Belko was part of the Ahmed beat-down.

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The Killing




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