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Belko's home. Linden and Holder are questioning a creepy old lady who says Belko was her "miracle baby." She had him later in life, and he's an only child. It was just the two of them. "He's my little man." She says he's always lived here, but that doesn't mean she's a nun if you know what she's saying. She flirts with Holder, which is gross. I mean, she's in her seventies, and pretty scruffy. She assures them Belko was here Friday night. She shows them his room, and says he's a "good little boy" who always makes his bed. They look around as she tells a story about throwing his cat away for peeing on the bed. Holder spots a collage of Larsen family photos on the ceiling above Belko's bed. His mom seems oblivious as Linden lays down on the bed to look at all the photos. It sure does scream serial killer to me.

And it was enough for them to question him, since they have him in a room now. They're all sweetness, thanking him for coming and giving him coffee. Holder asks about his hand, and Belko lies that he's always banging it on something. Holder pretends Stan turned on him, but Belko still doesn't break. He just says he got mad when he heard about what happened to Stan and hit a wall. They fill him in that Ahmed's innocent and now he might die. Holder says they really don't care if he beat up some teacher, since they're homicide detectives. But he'd like Belko to at least be honest with them. Belko finally admits he was with Stan last night, so Holder drops it and moves on now that they have trust. Belko looks like a scared puppy, which is pretty astonishing considering what a creeper he's seemed like the whole time.

Richmond HQ. A campaign ad named Valerie ("I hate Val") shows Gwen and Jamie some footage she found while going through tons of it to put together the new ad. It's very clearly of Rosie, all smiles, shaking Richmond's hand. Valerie tells them how ironic it is that she was found in his campaign car and here she is shaking his hand. Gwen and Jamie pretend they're not sure it's her and they take the disc, asking Valerie to keep this between them until they know more. She says she will. After she leaves, Jamie says they have to bury this and not even tell Richmond. He tells Gwen that Richmond needs to continue to believe he's never met her.

Belko's questioning. Linden's taken over now, asking him about the night of Rosie's death. He says he was at home with Bev, which opens the door for Linden to out-creeper Belko by telling him she sure hopes she looks as good in lingerie as Bev when she's 70. Through a wince, he says, "Yeah." And he adds that she wears that stuff all the time even though he asks her to put on clothes. Linden says it must have been tough to grow up with a mother like that; she asks if Bev made him watch or if he could just hear it through the walls. She doesn't blame him for thinking the Larsens are the perfect family and wanting to be one of them. She tells him they saw his bedroom, but the Larsens aren't his family. She asks if he liked to watch Rosie walk around half-naked. He winces some more and says that's disgusting. She plays out the night of Rosie's murder for him, saying he was there waiting to have her all to himself. He starts screaming and calls her a "dirty bitch." Then he starts sobbing. Linden touches his head and asks what he did. So he does: He was at the kitchen table that night, because he just liked to sit there in that house. But she came home that night. So he hid since Mitch doesn't like him being upstairs. He says he could hear here opening drawers and the closet and jangling keys. Then she went into Tommy and Denny's room. Holder asks if that's where he took her, but he swears he didn't. He stutters that she was on the phone with someone named Adela. "She said, 'Adela. I'll be there.' " He says she left then, and he never saw her again. Linden leaves, then Holder. On their way, Belko begs them not to tell Mitch he was upstairs. He just went, in one scene, from being the biggest freak on this show to sort of breaking my heart.

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