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Ferry Tale

Mitch comes home right as the office phone is ringing. But no one's there to answer it, of course. She hollers for Belko, then answers it herself. Some lady asking for Stan tells Mitch she's from Tilden Mutual Bank and she wants to inform them that their account is overdrawn and their last check was returned for insufficient funds. Mitch wonders how that's possible, then tells her to just take from savings. The lady says that they have overdraft protection, so that's what would have happened, but they only have two dollars in their savings. Mitch can't believe that, because they are supposed to have $16,000. She thinks the lady is looking at the wrong account, but the lady suggests Mitch discuss this with her husband.

SPD. Linden shows Holder the Adela note again, and says she believes Belko and thinks Rosie left the house that night to meet someone named Adela. Holder reminds her that Rosie has no friends named Adela, and there's no in her school with that name. But Linden says there are forty-seven people with that name in the Seattle area. Holder tells her to send units to go talk to them, since he's been up for fifty hours straight. (Where did he go when he left last night, then came back with donuts, then?) She says they have to find this Adela person, but he gets up and leaves. He says he's going to sleep; "you should try it sometime."

Apparently she agrees, since she heads to her hotel. Rick's sitting in the hall outside her door. She invites him in, but he says he's good. They have a touching heart to heart about their relationship. He didn't return her calls because he knew what she was going to say. She tells him this isn't about them; it's about the girl. He says it's been over a week since they found her body, but Linden cuts him off: "I found her body." He tells her he knows where this is going, and there's always another case and another body. He says he's not going to end up in a hospital again (!) watching her stare at a blank wall. "I can't." He says he has three tickets on a midnight flight to Oakland tonight. When he asks if she knows if she's coming, she just cries and says, "I don't." He kisses her, then gets up and leaves. She cries a little more then goes inside to Jack, who's awake and waiting up. I don't know if he saw Rick or is just upset that his mom's never ever around. She tells him it's going to be okay, but he knows she's a liar, so he just turns his back to her and gets into bed.

No Day 11 marker, but Linden's running on what looks like the next morning. It gets more and more intense as she runs faster and faster by the waterfront with a ship blowing its horn loudly nearby. She runs until she sees a ferry sign that says "Seattle-Kulamish." Two ferries are listed on it; one is called "Adela" and, sure enough, has an 11:45 p.m. departure. She runs on down to climb aboard the Adela that's at the dock now. Mitch goes through paperwork in her office, exasperated. Stan stares out a jail window. Gwen look at a frozen frame of Rosie and Richmond shaking hands. Linden heads out on the ferry, which approaches a giant sign for Wapi Eagle Casino with a symbol that matches Rosie's mysterious keychain. Bingo.

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