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So Scully and Moronica take another look-see around in the dark as Burt puts away the checkers. Looking. Looking. Moronica and Scully split up; Moronica is swiftly thereafter snatched by Wayno, who clasps his hand over his mouth. They struggle. Against all odds, no one hears them, although absolutely everything should echo in that garage. Just as it's looking like lights-out for Moronica (so to speak), the door to the stairwell bursts out and Doggett bounds out, plugging Wayno in the back. The lights come back on, miraculously, and Scully comes bounding over.

Doggett helps Moronica up. "Are you okay?" he asks. She's fine. "Why did you do it?" Moronica hisses in Wayno's face. Uncommunicative to the last, Wayno dies without a word. The girls look at Doggett, wondering how he found them. Doggett explains that he "saw something in the pattern." He realized that there were going to be nine victims, not six, and that maybe the two of them were going to end up numbers eight and nine. This is all a bit too deus ex Doggett for me, but whatever. Moving right along.

When they get back to Burt, he's gone, of course. "Where'd he go?" Scully asks. He's Burt, Scully. He's magic!

Cha cha! Cha! Cha cha cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Over at the Hoover Building, the entire Serial Killer Task Force turns their heads to the side, seeing the six on the map of the killer's path turn into a nine. "I love you, for sentimental reasons," the soundtrack chirps.

Over at Scully's apartment, Scully puts William to bed, patting him affectionately and rubbing his sweet little baby face and then climbing into her own bed. The music twitters in the background cheerfully. Scully lies in bed and stares at the ceiling, then sits up and reaches for the phone. She calls Moronica. Who is also in bed. Despite the fact that it's, like, eight o'clock. Well, I guess they've had a long day. And when you have to get up at four in order to spend several hours on your hair and makeup and make it to the office by dawn, you need to get to bed early. Split-screen action! Scully explains that she needs to know her numerology. It's been bugging her all day. Moronica smiles. "You're a nine," she says. Apparently, nine means "completion." Scully has, according to Moronica, "evolved through the experience of all the other numbers to the realization that this life is only part of a larger whole." Of course she has. She's the mother of the leader of all mankind. Scully is dumbfounded. "Dana, are you there?" Moronica asks. Scully says that something else has been bugging her. "Who was that man?" she says. Moronica shrugs. "God knows," she says. What ever could she mean by that? In other words: do you get it?

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